Peace is Loud is an intersectional feminist nonprofit organization that amplifies the stories the world needs now. Through our Speakers Bureau and film impact work, we connect people’s desire for change with opportunities for dialogue and action.

The Problem

The work to fight narratives of violence and the resulting systemic oppression is overwhelmingly led by women and non-binary storytellers whose labor is often exploited and uncompensated.

Our Interventions (What we do)

  • Sustain the work of marginalized storytellers by making sure they are fairly compensated for their labor and that their standards of care are upheld.
  • Work in solidarity with community organizers, leveraging visual stories as tools to strengthen the work of our partners through care-centered impact work.
  • Connect storytellers and organizers, providing the infrastructure needed to build collective power and advance their narrative change work.

The Outcome (Why we do it):

  • Peace is Loud shifts storytelling practices towards a standard that prioritizes the health and safety of the vulnerable women and non-binary populations who make narrative change possible.
  • We do this work because we know that with adequate care and resources for storytellers, we can build power around a narrative of equity and dignity for all.

Through this work, Peace is Loud is the thread that stitches together and reinforces the work of women, trans and non-binary storytellers.