By: Devin Cowick, Executive Assistant, Mina’s List  

Illustration by Christine Daniloff/MIT

The significant lack of women in politics is often explained away with claims that voters simply prefer male candidates or that there are not enough qualified female candidates available. False and false. 

Pablo Casas-Arce and Albert Saiz, professors from Arizona State University and MIT, disprove these claims in their recently published paper titled Women in Power: Unpopular, Unwilling, or Held Back? In fact, their study concludes that political parties with more women on the ballot perform better in elections. 

Peter Dizikes from the MIT News Office provides a summary of the study–

“The study analyzes changes to municipal election laws in Spain, which a decade ago began requiring political parties to have women fill at least 40 percent of the slots on their electoral lists. With other factors being equal, parties that increased their share of female candidates by 10 percentage points more than their opponents enjoyed a 4.2 percentage-point gain at the ballot box.”

So what’s the best thing a political party can do to improve their chances in an election? Include more women!  

Read more at MIT News.

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