Why We Do This Work

We believe that stories have the power to change hearts, minds, and structures when strategically integrated within social justice movements. Long-term structural and cultural transformation requires power at multiple levels, and within the ecosystem of global and local movement-based work. Storytelling plays an influential role in how power is created, accessed, and utilized. For these reasons, we are committed to sharing the stories of those whose identities intersect with systems-oppressed communities, including but not limited to people of color, indigenous/native peoples, LGBTQI+ people, disabled people, and immigrants.

How We Do It

In two ways! Through Film Impact Campaigns, we facilitate partnerships with grassroots organizers and the communities most affected by the social injustices documented in the films we work on to advance their causes. We also support the powerful self-identified women on our Speakers Bureau, who are leading justice-centered work by connecting them with speaking events that then financially support their work on the ground.

Wondering About Our Name?

We get it – most organizations don’t have full sentences for names, but it’s the phrasing that best suits our work. To us, peace doesn’t mean “Mission Accomplished.” It’s not a state of tranquility achieved through the absence of violence. It’s “Let’s Get to Work!” 

Because when has change ever come from being quiet and idle? Peace is about making your voice heard and your actions seen. We must bear witness to the injustices of the world and act upon them.