Decolonizing Thanksgiving and Centering #NationalDayofMourning

This Thanksgiving, Peace is Loud remembered the stories of the Native American people whose lands we are on through the [...]

Mónica Ramirez on Centering Latinx Voices During Hispanic Heritage Month   Hispanic Heritage Month takes place every year from September 15 to October 15 in the United States. It’s [...]

Keep Saying Their Names

“Marielle, Presente!” chanted protestors last year in Rio de Janeiro in response to the assassination of Marielle Franco, a Black, [...]

We Need To Talk About How July 4th Isn’t My Independence Day

I have never been taught a vision of freedom that unpacks the complexities and intersections of my identities. As an [...]

Supporting Women in Sudan Can’t Stop at Sharing a Viral Photo

Dressed in a white thobe, Alaa’s hand reaches to meet the fervent outcry of the crowd. “Thawra!” they chant, meaning [...]

Meet the women who are reshaping Afghanistan

Afghanistan has long been regarded as the worst place in the world to be a woman. Nearly two-thirds of girls […]

Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War

At Peace at Loud, we believe that if we want a more peaceful world, we must make sure that the […]

Every Voice Coalition

At Peace is Loud we amplify the voices of women changemakers around the world – this includes those who are […]

International Peace Day

International Peace Day North Korea. Syria. Yemen. Afghanistan. #MeToo. Poverty. Inequality. Every day, our social media feeds reel with devastating […]

Small Victories Issue 82

Your (bi)weekly dose of positivity for September 2 – 15.