It Takes Two: Peace is Loud and Mina’s List

It Takes Two: Peace is Loud and Mina’s List

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Dear Peace is Loud community:

It’s officially summer in the USA, and with longer days, backyard BBQs, and sunshine warming our hearts, friendships are forged and budding relationships flourish. In this spirit, we have a story to tell you about a new partnership that, like so many, began with laughter, inspiration, and really good food.


Mina’s List Director Tanya Henderson and Peace is Loud Director Jamie Dobie sat at a restaurant after speaking together at a conference on gender, law and diplomacy. They were chatting about their shared passion for creative approaches to promoting gender equality and found themselves finishing each other’s sentences.

It looked kind of like this:

It Takes Two

Each of them shared their organization’s unique approach, and the challenges they were facing:

it takes two it takes two

It quickly became clear that, with their powers combined,

Peace is Loud and Mina’s List could accomplish great things.

So, with a couple of bar napkins they sketched out some of their thoughts to figure out what it would look like to combine their two approaches.

it takes two


What would it look like if we could work on advancing women’s leadership in decision making from both a culture change and policy change perspective?

How can we use the power of storytelling to turn public enthusiasm and inspiration into concrete change for women worldwide?

The answer to both: we can’t do this alone, and we don’t have to.

So, we merged!

it takes two

[To be paired with Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock]

Now, we’re hard at work with our partners at on the first-of-its kind mobile app that will allow women candidates to safely and securely manage their campaigns and directly raise funds in primarily cash-based economies. Campaign finance remains one of the single biggest barriers for women candidates. Our aim is to have it ready to pilot one year from now, so we can roll it out in Nigeria for their 2018 primary elections.

And since we have you here, we thought we would also mention that SFGate named Peace is Loud one of the “most essential groups [in the U.S.] doing some of the most vital work” in this current political moment, alongside groups such as Southern Poverty Law Center, and Planned Parenthood. We’re honored and humbled— and excited to see what’s to come.

Thank you for your support to help us get here.

It’s time to level the playing field for women’s political leadership.

And we’re off!

it takes two


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