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We’ve been thinking a lot about Nia Wilson and her family over the past few weeks, and what her death highlights about the America we live in. We’re reading this piece, that was shared by a friend in the aftermath, and this piece on actions we can take together in pursuit of freedom, because as Brittany Packnett wrote:

“I want to be free. I want you to be free. And you aren’t free until I am.”


1. A federal judge ruled that DACA must be fully restored.

2. The merger between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media is running into a lot of complications, and with days left to walk away from the deal, it’s possible it may not go through.

3. With the family reunification process still unresolved, we’re seeing people around the country take matters into their own hands:

👏Immigrant Families Together raised $260,000 in donations and has so far helped reunite six mothers with their children.

👏Dozens of people are helping to reunite parents with their children by driving them across the country.

👏65 grannies are traveling to the nation’s largest migrant detention facility in Texas, and holding rallies along the way to protest the separation of immigrant families.

👏Kids protested in the rain and marched through DC to demand that immigrant parents and their children get reunited. #FamiliesBelongTogether

4. Four members of the Homeland Security advisory board resigned over the administration’s no tolerance policy, and the resignation letter by member Elizabeth Holtzman is truly spectacular—which comes as no surprise after reading this piece about her.

5. Even pouring rain couldn’t stop people from protesting outside the home of JP Morgan Chase’s CEO over the company’s support of private prisons and the immigrant detention industry.

6. Around the country, hundreds of organizers with Cosecha showed up at businesses, local governments, and a university to protest their ties to ICE.

7. Microsoft employees delivered a petition with 300,000 signatures to their CEO that called on the company to end its contract with ICE.

8. And a growing number of people are paying closer attention to the values of the companies they are investing in—which has led to more and more withdrawals of money from companies that support ICE or private prisons.

9. Following numerous protests and mounting opposition, Contra Costa County in California is cancelling its contract with ICE. And Freedom For Immigrants is raising money to help bail people out so they aren’t moved to other ICE facilities farther away from their families and lawyers. If you’d like to help, click here.

10. Pablo Villavincencio, the man who was detained while delivering a pizza to the Fort Hamilton army base, has been released from detention, and a judge granted him a stay of deportation so he can continue to pursue permanent residency.

11. A third HHS official is out of her job after it was revealed that she too posted conspiracy theories and other hateful things on her social media.

12. A federal judge (temporarily) stopped the release of files that allow people to 3-D print their own guns.

13. Philadelphia announced that it won’t renew its contract with ICE because the agency has been misusing information provided to them to pick up otherwise law-abiding immigrants.  

14. Reversing Scott Pruitt’s final move as EPA chief, the agency will enforce stricter pollution levels on diesel freight trucks after all.  

15. Once signed by the governor, a new law in Massachusetts—that is set to go into effect in time for the 2020 election—will automatically register people to vote when they renew their licenses.

16. From a former classmate accusing him of using racial slurs, to the protests during his book tour, not to mention all the dumb errors, Sean Spicer and his new book aren’t doing too well.

17.Transgender students in Oregon can now use the bathroom that matches the gender they identify with.

18.With Utah and Idaho joining the rest of the country, it is now legal for mothers to breastfeed in public in all 50 states without worry over indecent exposure or obscenity laws.

19.Trump’s executive order to withhold money from sanctuary cities was ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court in California.

20. Since the Parkland shooting in February, the number of voter registrations for 18 to 29-year-olds has gone up by 41%. This is promising news because as NextGen America executive director Heather Hargreaves said,

“Young people have the power to make the difference in critical races across the country, and it is clear that they are energized like never before to make their voices heard.”

21. In a pleasant turn of events, just one week after Sleeping Giants was doxxed by the Daily Caller, they saw 11,000 new members join the movement, they were featured in the New York Times, and they reported that over 20 advertisers had pulled their ads from Breitbart.

22. Thanks to the very successful #GrabYourWallet campaign, this China-made clothing brand is shutting down after sales plummeted and multiple retailers said goodbye.

23. In Florida, a federal judge’s ruling will allow college campuses to be used as early voting sites, and an Iowa judge temporarily stopped parts of the state’s new voter ID law that would hinder people’s ability to vote.

24. With his former “lawyer” getting ready to flip, and his current lawyer being an utter disaster, it’s starting to look worse and worse for Trump.

25. About 30 Mountain Valley Pipeline trucks had were late getting to work thanks to some sightseeing cyclists.

26. Thanks to the CW series Supergirl, the first transgender superhero is coming to TV this fall.

27. This 23-year-old will be the first black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover in its 126 year history—but because of this queen, not the editors.

28. More and more churches are becoming places of sanctuary for immigrant families.

29. Ulster County in New York has passed a new law banning conversion therapy.

30. This no-good Georgia state representative is resigning after he was caught with his pants down (literally) saying racist and stupefying things on this cringe-inducing political satire.

31. Following public outcry and planned demonstrations, Disneyland agreed to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for some of their union workers. The #FightFor15 continues.

32. This determined and heroic 21-year-old stopped the deportation of an Afghan man by literally taking a stand.

33. This election cycle, we’ve seen a huge jump in Muslim candidates running for office.

34. Denying a request by the Trump administration, the Supreme Court ruled that a climate change lawsuit brought by young people can move forward.

35. Thanks to years of campaigning by thousands of E-Sisters—some featured in this must-watch documentary on Netflix—the dangerous contraceptive device Essure will no longer be sold in the U.S.

36. Jordan Davis’s mother, gun reform advocate, and Peace is Loud speaker Lucy McBath won her Democratic primary— getting her one step closer to winning seat in Georgia’s House of Representatives.

37. In a breakthrough ruling for those working in the gig economy, the unemployment insurance board in New York State ruled that Uber is on the hook for unemployment benefits for three drivers—opening the door to all other drivers in a similar situation.

38. While we don’t think 30 days is long enough, we’re happy to see YouTube take this small step to stop this disgusting person’s hate speech. And Spotify also took some action due to public pressure and removed a number of his podcasts from their site.

39. A federal judge ruled that a lawsuit challenging the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census can proceed.

40. Jersey City legalized small amounts and discreet use of marijuana, becoming the first city in the state to do so.

41. Massachusetts passed the NASTY Women Act to further protect women’s reproductive rights following Kavanaugh’s nomination.

42. The Pope announced that the Catholic church has changed their tune and now opposes the death penalty under any circumstance.  

43. When Latino workers were fired from a construction job, all of their coworkers—over a hundred in total—walked out with them in protest of what they saw as a racist decision.

44. After a groundbreaking report from The Intercept, a judge threw out a conviction against a man who’s been on Death Row for 23 years.

45. Our global friends saw some victories too:

👍In New Zealand, victims of sexual violence will now get 10 days of paid leave to help them and their families transition to safer surroundings.

👍For the fifth (!) time, a court in Lebanon ruled that homosexuality is not a crime.  

👍After four years of educating her community in Kenya about sexual health and wellness, this 27-year-old has saved 15,000 young girls from genital mutilation.  

👍Thanks to public outcry and organizing by human rights activists for over a year, India is doing away with a 12% tax on feminine products.

👍And after year long campaign, and outrage over a recent disturbing video that highlighted the issue in a big way, France has passed a new law that bans sexual harassment and hands out big fines to cat callers.

Gratitude Journal

We were excited to learn about this sweet combination that’s popping up around the country, and to see the trailer for the new movie based on a James Baldwin story directed by this Oscar winner. We’re also so happy this new show has finally premiered because as our favorite person from Pawnee said, “Life is stressful enough—let’s make a show that makes you feel good.”

And to all the flaming feminists out there, we salute you—especially this one. #5MoreYears

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