Small Victories Issue 72

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After a week of local and international news that left us shaking our heads, we’ll just leave you with these helpful tips as we head into the weekend.


1. By a slim margin, the Senate voted to save net neutrality. We still have a tough road ahead to pass it in the House, so check out this handy link to see where your rep stands on this issue. 📲

2. Seven more Democratic women will be on the ballot this November after winning their primaries on Tuesday. And here are a few other election day highlights:

💪Kara Eastman, who ran on a progressive platform but didn’t receive endorsements from some of the top pro-choice groups, beat the DCCC-endorsed candidate. #TheResistanceMeansBusiness

💪Thanks to major volunteer efforts by the DSA, four Democratic Socialists won their primaries in Pennsylvania.

💪Paulette Jordan, one of the first Indivisible-endorsed candidates, won her Democratic primary for governor of Idaho. This is noteworthy because a win in November would make her the first woman governor in the state and the first Native American governor in the country.  

3. And voters in Pennsylvania just elected Helen Tai to the state House of Representatives, flipping the 41st state-level seat from red to blue since Trump was elected.

4. In what may be the biggest demonstration in the state’s history, nearly a million teachers in North Carolina marched through downtown Raleigh to demand higher pay and better working conditions.

5. With NYC’s mayor signing the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act this week, the city now has some of the toughest legislation in the country to protect workers and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

6. Ohioans voted to redraw their congressional map, but the measure also requires bipartisan support to do so.  

7. Uber and Lyft announced that survivors of sexual assault can now head to court rather than going through the arbitration process or signing NDAs.  

8. Beginning in August, people will no longer be prosecuted for marijuana use or possession in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

9. A judge ruled that the arrests of multiple people at an immigration checkpoint in New Hampshire last year were unconstitutional on both the state and federal level.

10. After it came out that Amazon’s board of directors were against a new rule to support greater diversity, employees pushed back hard—and now the rule has been adopted.  

11. With help from the Ceres Community Project, California is funding a new study to test nutritious meals as a form of medicine for low income people and the chronically ill. #FoodForThought

12. More than $780 million in donations to progressive political candidates have been flooding in via ActBlue, exceeding the amount raised during the entire 2016 election cycle. #LetItRain

Small Victories Issue 72

13. Plus tens of thousands of dollars in donations were made to, helping incarcerated black mothers (from New York to North Carolina to Texas) return home in time for Mother’s Day.

14. On Immigrant Day, nearly 1,000 activists rallied at the California state Capitol to advocate for immigrant rights.    

15. Maryland is the latest state to enact a law making it illegal for doctors to perform conversion therapy on minors.

16. The Cannes Film Festival has pledged to implement new measures to their selection process, aiming to reach gender parity by 2020.

17. Costa Rica, a country that already creates 99% of its electricity through renewables, has pledged to ban all fossil fuels with the goal to become the first decarbonized country on the planet.

We also have a correction from last week’s newsletter—Melvin Carter is mayor of St. Paul, not St. Louis. Sorry for the error! And while we’re at it, if you haven’t listened to his performance at MinnRoast roast yet, we highly recommend it.


Gratitude Journal

For the second year, the National Book Foundation is donating 422,000 books to kids this summer as part of their Book Rich Environment initiative. They are raising funds to help with shipping costs—click if you want to donate.

And we’re thankful to have one shocking moment that actually put a smile on our face this week.

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Small Victories Issue 72

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