Small Victories Issue 70

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We like people who tell the truth (not lie) and make us laugh (on purpose), so we’re looking forward to taking a break with Michelle Wolf later this month. We’re always looking for reasons to smile around here, so drop us a line and tell us what’s making you laugh these days.

Now onto the good news!

Small Victories Issue 70


1. On May 1st, thousands of people around the world celebrated International Workers’ Day, aka May Day, to bring attention to labor issues and worker rights.

2. Seattle made moves to vacate all charges for marijuana possession dating back to the 90s.

3. As its funding runs dry, Milo Yiannopoulos’ media company is laying off staff and struggling to survive.

4. Phoenix sidewalks are getting a colorful update to celebrate their local LGBTQ community. 🌈

5. The acting director of ICE is retiring next month, possibly because his Senate confirmation was looking unlikely. #GoodRiddance

6. A NY court ruled against the Trump administration and stated that carmakers must start being penalized if they don’t meet the nation’s fuel efficiency standards.

7. Thanks to the #RedForEd movement in Arizona, the state’s Republican governor agreed to give teachers a 20% raise and increase school spending. As teacher and organizer Noah Karvelis said,

“If educators in Arizona could stand up and fight back, anybody can do the same.”

8. Four New York state Republican senators announced they will not seek reelection—opening up the chance for Democrats to take the majority this fall.

9. Nurses at the University of California will participate in a sympathy strike to support other school employees fighting to protect their retirement and health benefits.

10. This Indivisible group in Houston has shown up to protest against their senator for 70 consecutive weeks (except during Hurricane Harvey). #YouGoGuys!

11. More good news on the firearm front:

👉 Hawaii became the fourth state to pass a bill banning bump stocks.

👉 Since the federal government refuses to research gun violence, a group of governors are now working together to study this public health issue.

👉 With help from Moms Demand Action, Kansas has a new law that makes it illegal for domestic abusers to own guns.

12. We still don’t know what is going to happen to our data, but it’s nice to see the company that gave our info to the Trump campaign is shuttering.   

13. Hoboken, NJ became the latest city to make all public restrooms gender neutral.

14. Another Trump lawyer is calling it quits. Anyone else think he looks like ½ of this duo?

15. In a move to protect honey bees, the EU has banned the most commonly used insecticides from all fields in Europe.

16. This queen is finally going to be paid the same amount as her male co-star, and S.J. Clarkson will become the first woman to direct a Star Trek film.

Small Victories Issue 70

17. In the UK, dozens of huge companies have committed to cut all unnecessary plastic packaging from their products by 2025.

18. Australia is taking action—to the tune of $377 million—to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Gratitude Journal

Melissa is grateful for Patti Maciesz’s Bill the Patriarchy project, which creates invoices for the monetary value of women’s unpaid labor. (How cool is that?!)

Sara has been able to keep going thanks to setting some major limits with her phone and recommends turning off all notifications, keeping a blank main screen, and switching to Do Not Disturb in the evening. And doing some restorative yoga once a week helps too. #Namaste

Raivynn loves the outpouring of support for a struggling queer bookstore.

Martie is thankful for playwright Lauren Gunderson, who waived the royalties for her new play so people across the country could donate all proceeds to grassroots groups fighting gun violence. Martie actually staged the play in CA this week and donated the proceeds to a local women’s shelter and Moms Demand Action.

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Small Victories Issue 70

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