Small Victories Issue 67

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Well, the president appears to be on the verge of bombing Syria and firing the Deputy Attorney General (because, you know, he’s probably not familiar with this piece of history). So let’s get right into the victories—God knows we need them this week.

-Alison & Stephanie


1. Paul Ryan will not run for reelection! Plus, more Republican members of Congress either resigned or retired.

Small Victories Issue 67

2. We can only guess this has something to do with a new report showing a 12-point swing in white people over 60 moving from Republican to Democrat since 2016.

3. And it doesn’t hurt that out of the one in five Americans who protested or joined a rally in the last two years, one third plan on working for a congressional campaign this fall.  #TheBlueWaveIsComing

4. After Howard University students occupied a school building for nine days, the administration agreed to meet most of the students’ demands. We love this video of celebrating students!

5. And over in Massachusetts, college students from the Every Voice Coalition rallied at the State House to support legislation for safer campuses—including one bill students actually helped write.

6. After winning raises for educators and support staff, the Oklahoma teachers’ union is ending their strike, though some teachers are still protesting, and others are planning to run for office. As teacher Cyndi Ralston said while waiting to register to run:

“Oh, we’re coming. I’m doing this. We’re showing the students what a free democracy is all about.”

7. And Arizona teachers held a walk-in on Wednesday, prompting their Governor to propose a 20% wage increase by 2020.  

8. The majority of Americans now support single-payer health insurance. Let’s make sure our next wave of elected officials do, too.

9. With help from the Town Hall Project, young people around the country organized over 120 Town Hall For Our Lives gun safety events—though it seems not one Republican decided show up.

10. A Massachusetts federal judge ruled that AR-15s aren’t protected by the Second Amendment. We’re guessing an appeal may be coming, so we were also happy to learn this week that Bank of America said it will stop financing companies that manufacture assault-style firearms.

11. More than 100,000 teenagers have pre-registered to vote in California. And people in New Jersey and Maryland will soon be automatically registered to vote, thanks to new legislation passed this week.

Small Victories Issue 67

12. Maryland also voted to end to the practice of gay conversion therapy on minors, and it looks like Hawaii will follow.

13. The Boston Marathon, San Francisco Marathon, and other races have confirmed that runners can compete under their identified gender.

14. Since meat production is one of biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, it’s a good sign that 70% of the world’s population is giving up or cutting back on their meat-eating habits.

15. After European countries started charging people for plastic bags—beginning back in 2003— there has been a 30% decrease of plastic bag pollution on the seabed around the UK.  

16. Portugal’s renewable energy sources created enough power in March to cover 100% of the country’s electricity needs, and Apple announced they’re now fully running on renewables too.

17. And New Zealand announced they will not allow any new offshore drilling explorations in a move to become carbon neutral in the next 30 years.

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