Small Victories Issue 64

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We’re preparing to March for Our Lives this weekend, and ready to join thousands of students demanding an end to gun violence. We hope that between the walkout last week, the march this weekend, and the pressure rising this election season, we’ll finally see the outcome we all deserve.  

Here’s to a better, safer future for the next generation.

-Alison & Stephanie


1. A group of children are suing the government over climate change, and this week, a judge ruled that their lawsuit can move forward, despite the Trump administration’s attempt to stop it.

2. After being separated for months, an immigrant mother and her seven-year-old daughter were finally reunited this week.

3. And an undocumented mother whose arrest video went viral was released from detention this week, hopefully for good.

4. For the first time in nearly two decades, more people have a negative view of the NRA than positive.

5. And more companies are embracing gun control: Citibank will now require that all retail clients ban bump stocks and stop selling guns to people under 21, and YouTube will block videos promoting gun sales or teaching people how to build firearms.

6. A Republican in Maine dropped his bid for a state House seat after crassly insulting two Parkland high school survivors—but not before inspiring a young Democratic woman to run for office.

7. More chaos in the White House: McMaster is out. We’re obviously not pleased about his replacement, but at least nobody stays in the administration for too long?

8. Plus, Trump’s top legal counsel resigned, and yet another lawyer refused to work for the president.

9. After being on strike for 104 days, Missouri nursing home workers won a new contract with higher wages and improved health insurance coverage.

10. Kentucky’s state government killed a bill that would have required people to present a government photo ID to vote.

11. At a lively march in NYC, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers kept the pressure on Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program and end sexual harassment of farmworkers.

12. A federal judge has (temporarily) blocked a new bill in Mississippi that bans abortions after 15 weeks, and the only abortion clinic in the state is suing to stop it for good.

13. Sixteen state attorneys general won a lawsuit requiring the EPA to follow Clean Air Act deadlines and identify areas around the country with unhealthy levels of smog.

14. After Pennsylvania high school students were given detention for participating in last week’s walkout against gun violence, they turned their punishment into “a modern sit-in” while community members rallied outside.

15. Another week, another Washington victory: The state’s governor signed a series of bills making it far easier for residents to vote.

16. Time’s Up demanded that NY’s governor investigate why Harvey Weinstein wasn’t prosecuted by the Manhattan DA—and within 24 hours, Gov. Cuomo announced the state’s attorney general would take it on.

17. Since the Supreme Court refused to hear a case brought by Republicans, Dreamers will still be able to get driver’s licenses in Arizona.

18. And the Supreme Court also rejected a request by Republicans to stop Pennsylvania’s new redistricting plans.

19. Jersey City, NJ teachers went on strike and won a new contract, and nine Arizona schools closed when teachers called in sick to rally at the state Capitol.

20. Thanks in part to local protests, the Trump administration won’t try to drill for oil in the Pacific Northwest.

21. John Oliver’s children’s book about a bunny falling in love with another boy bunny is outselling the anti-LGBTQ bunny book penned by Mike Pence.

Small Victories Issue 64

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Small Victories Issue 64

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