Small Victories Issue 61

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The bombogensis is hitting New England hard today, so we’re hunkering down for the weekend. We’re finding rays of hope after reading this and this, and we’re looking forward to diving into this list of must-watch films to kick off the start to Women’s History month. #StaySafeWarmAndDry

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1. The Supreme Court declined to hear a case about whether or not Trump can put an end to the DACA program, which means that for now the program will stay in place. But that didn’t stop these activists and these undocumented marchers from speaking out about the need for a clean Dream Act now. #YesNowPlease

2. A ruling by New York’s federal court this week protected gay workers’ rights under the civil rights act of 1964.

3. In a surprising, but powerful move—after an initial deal was reached by the state and union leadership, teachers in West Virginia are continuing their strike to push for better wages and benefits.

4. ICE will no longer be participating in a job fair at Rutgers University thanks to an online petition started by Dreamers.

5. 70% of people support stricter gun laws—up from 52% just four months ago—which is why we’re not surprised more corporations are cutting ties and changing their policies on guns this week.

🚫 MetLife 🚫 Walmart 🚫 Chubb 🚫 Dick’s Sporting goods 🚫 And more
As for Apple, Amazon, and Fedex 🙄

6. While we’re at it, this teen questioning her Democratic rep about his relationship with the NRA is 💪, and we have so many feels about these students marching to support their fellow classmates in Florida.

7. Not to mention that within a few days of the Parkland shooting, 75,000 people joined Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Everytown for Gun Safety received $750,000 in donations.

8. Virginia and Arizona made big improvements to incarcerated women’s access to free tampons and pads.

9. Atlanta’s mayor signed a bill ending cash bonds for people who commit low-level offenses.

10. Gothamist, the New York news publication that was shut down last year after its staffers unionized, is back.

Small Victories Issue 61

11. New Jersey’s governor signed a bill this week restoring $7.5 million in funding to Planned Parenthood.

12. Thanks to a judge’s court order, spraying pesticides on public and private properties will no longer be allowed in California.

13. Hope Hicks announced that she not only lies for Trump, but she’s leaving him as well, and a special assistant to Ryan Zinke had to resign after posting racist comments and conspiracy theories online.

14. And even though they’re still in the White House, these downgrades, especially this one, are good news in our book.


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This week, we’re reading about the milk men and women returning in London, this modern abolitionist whose work is so vitally important, and this filmmaker who is “providing instruments and material for the next generation.”

Also, this American treasure on her 100,000,000 book.

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Small Victories Issue 61

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