Small Victories: Issue 6

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It’s safe to say this is what we looked like for most of the week:

While we slowly pick our jaws up off the floor, let’s get to the good stuff.
Thank God—we need it.

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1. A federal appeals court voted UNANIMOUSLY against reinstating the Muslim ban and said that Trump’s claim that the court lacked authority to review his executive order was “contrary to the fundamental structure of our constitutional democracy.”

💥 Civics 101 💥

2. Cities are taking matters into their own hands:

👉 San Francisco will offer its residents free community college.

👉 Los Angeles will no longer arrest street vendors to protect undocumented residents.

👉 Seattle and Davis, CA are cutting ties with Wells Fargo and pulling more than $3 billion from the bank to protest their support of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

👉 New Yorkers who found anti-Semitic graffiti on the subway “just did their jobs of being decent human beings,” and within a few minutes, the graffiti was gone.

👉 Tallahassee’s mayor stood up to the NRA – and won.

👉 The predominantly white city of Fayetteville, Arkansas is flying a Black Lives Matter banner.

Image by For All Womankind

3. Good news out of North Carolina: The courts said no to gerrymandered districts and limiting the power of the incoming governor. While it’s not over yet, it’s moving in the right direction.

4. More businesses are distancing themselves from Trump—and 935 companies broke up with Breitbart!

5. Protests continue in the US and around the world. Oh, and protesters 💛 pizza.

6. Speaking of protests… After Black Lives Matters called the country’s attention to the systemic racism throughout Ferguson, Missouri, the city has seen a drop in traffic cases that disproportionately affected black residents.

7. Women for the win again! Plus more than 4,000 women told Emily’s List they want to run for office, and women’s magazines are being recognized for their A+ political reporting. Meanwhile, in Sweden…


8. People across the country are continuing to pressure their elected officials…
Record-breaking numbers of people called the Capitol to voice their concerns, hundreds of Texans testified to protect sanctuary cities, and Rep. Tom McClintock hightailed it out of a town hall to escape protesters.

Plus: ✊ CaliforniaWisconsinNew YorkUtah ✊ Tennessee

9. …and Congress is listening!
Exhibit A: Rep. Chaffetz withdrew legislation to sell off federal land.
Exhibit B: We saw two Coreys this week. No, wait—we mean these two Corys.
Exhibit C: Dems pulled two all-nighters to protest the nominations of DeVos and Jeff Sessions.

That’s right, she did!

And yes, we know this didn’t lead to an immediate victory.


BUT! Our collective impact is transforming the political landscape and creating potential pathways for much bigger victories than these short-term defeats.

10. We’re inspired by the new ways people are using their talents and networks to build a better future:

→ Volunteers will host an Abortion Access Hackathon next month.

→ Twitter has plans to crack down on hate speech.

→ A young Wikipedia editor is fighting trolls by creating the Women Scientists WikiProject.

→ Yeshiva University has declared itself a sanctuary campus.

→ The UK’s Visit My Mosque day was a success!

→ A campaign to help Muslim Americans run for office received more than 120 responses within one day.

→ Berkeley students launched an app that notifies users every time Trump signs a presidential action.

→ United Talent Agency is holding a rally in place of its yearly Oscars party, in a show of public solidarity against the Muslim ban.

→ People continue to raise money for good causes via Twitter. Thanks, Cameron Esposito and Ashley Ford. 💛

This week we’ll leave you with a quote by poet Toi Derriccote:

We’re off to make some snow angels. See you next week,
Alison & Stephanie

P.S. We love the amount of action-oriented resources that have popped up since the election, but deciding which ones to read can be overwhelming. Our amazing friends created a Resistance Action Inventory, which helps you find effective resources that fit within your time constraints and align with your interests. So so good.


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