Small Victories Issue 59

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Really needed these wise words (and dance moves!) from two Russian grandmothers whose joyful protest made them a symbol of resistance around the world. #WomenAfterOurOwnHearts

“This country is getting pulled into an abyss of stupidity. And how do you fight this stupidity? Well, at least this way. You have to do something.”

It’s been a week. Hope this helps you like it helped us.  💞

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1. In special election news: A Democrat flipped a Florida state House seat from red to blue (the 36th flip since Trump’s inauguration!), and another Dem held onto a Minnesota state Senate seat in a district that went for Trump in 2016.

2. Thanks to a lawsuit from the National Immigration Law Center and Make the Road, a second federal judge ruled that Trump can’t end DACA. This is great news, but also doesn’t mean that new youth can now apply for DACA—so young undocumented activists are leading a 250-mile Walk to Stay Home in support of a #CleanDreamActNow.

3. While we wait for the Supremes to take on Trump’s Muslim ban, a second federal court just ruled that version 3.0 is unconstitutional.  

4. Thousands of fast food workers around the country went on strike on the anniversary of the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike. #FightFor15

5. Even though they are facing a lawsuit over their decision, Kent State said—for the second time— that they won’t allow Richard Spencer to speak on campus. #StopSpencer

6. Stockton, CA will be the first city in the country to launch a basic income pilot program, thanks to Mayor Michael Tubbs.

7. Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker became the latest senators to reject corporate PAC donations.

8. Trump’s pick for deputy director of the Census Bureau—a Republican who likes gerrymandering and dislikes competitive races—withdrew his name and won’t be overseeing the 2020 census. Oh, and ANOTHER White House official with a history of domestic abuse has left the Trump administration. #UnrealAndYetTooReal

9. A Utah school is changing its name to honor Mary W. Jackson, the first black woman to be a NASA engineer, and will no longer commemorating that other Jackson.

10. Hundreds of Texas teenagers walked out of high school to demand the release of a student detained by ICE. #FreeDennis

11. Residents of a New Jersey town (including a 9-year-old boy!) held a local official accountable after he made an incredibly racist comment—and he resigned.

Small Victories Issue 59

12. Rape survivors will gain new rights in Maryland, and possibly in Mississippi soon too.

13. After hours of testimony from community members, the Austin City Council became the first in the South to guarantee paid sick days for city residents.

14. The artists behind the amazing artwork featured on the now-demolished 5Pointz building in Queens will receive nearly $7 million. #StreetArtIsHighArt

15. Young people are unionizing in record numbers, and airport worker unions are winning their battles.

16. New York City has a plan to close Rikers Island.  Closing Rikers is good, but opening smaller jails throughout the boroughs? Not so good. We’re thinking something more like this.

17. The Senate voted down Trump’s awful immigration bill, as well as a bipartisan agreement that might have helped Dreamers but dramatically hurt other immigrants.

18. On the third anniversary of People’s Monday, the group NYC Shut It Down honored Erica Garner and shared stories about people of color hurt by state violence.

19. A new bill which protects athletes from sexual abuse has been signed into law.


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We’re off to do a double feature because this is finally out, and the best picture of 2017 (in our opinion), is playing for free! But before logging off for the long weekend, we recommend checking out these portraits (not the ones you may be thinking of) and this thread about the groundbreaking gay, Latinx figure skater who paved the way for this Olympian—who’s made us smile all week.

And we’re letting these two love birds take this week’s songspiration.

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Small Victories Issue 59

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