Small Victories Issue 58

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This week, we’ve been immersed in The Black Monuments Project, which imagines “an America free of Confederate monuments, where black heroes are valorized.” Going through the site state by state, spending time with these 54 heroes who helped shape a better America, has been fuel for the soul.

Our victories this week also highlight people who imagine a new country—and are creating it piece by piece. We hope they help you remember that, together, #WeGotThis.

-Alison & Stephanie


1. After two years of sustained organizing from #FreeBresha activists, 16-year-old Bresha Meadows—a survivor of domestic abuse who had been imprisoned after her father’s death—was released this week. We highly recommend this piece by the activists who helped bring her home about exactly how and why their campaign worked.

2. Pennsylvanians have a lot to celebrate this week—and we’re not talking about football. (#GoEagles!) The Supreme Court agreed that the state needs to redraw its congressional district maps, and the Philadelphia City Council unanimously voted to recommend the city ends cash bail.

3. And speaking of the Super Bowl… We love this direct action from local Black Lives Matter activists after the city closed public transit to only game day ticket holders. #SBLIIBLACKOUT

Small Victories Issue 58

4. Florida just got one step closer to restoring voting rights to people with past felony convictions.

5. A federal judge ruled that criminalizing people who participate in the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement would be unconstitutional.

6. Washington’s governor said no to a new oil project that could have done tons of damage to the environment.

7. Thanks to a new law in D.C., pharmacists can now prescribe birth control directly to women, without a doctor’s prescription.

8. Three more people have been scrapped from the Trump White House. One abused his ex-wives, another had Russia connections, and the third—a potential environmental council chair—did not understand anything about the environment. Unbelievable… as usual.

9. An employee at the Montana Department of Labor quit his job rather than assist ICE in deportations. As he wrote,

“People have asked why am I doing this if I have a child. I’m doing this because I have a child. I want to be able to look my child in eye.”

10. The House of Representatives is overhauling the way sexual harassment is reported and addressed—and there may be more change coming if the Senate votes for this #MeToo bill as well. #AboutTime

11. The University of Michigan has become the latest school to reject Richard Spencer. He does have an upcoming speech scheduled at Michigan State, but students have already planned a campaign to resist his event.

12. Revs. William Barber and Dr. Liz Theoharis officially relaunched Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign this week, with rallies across the country. Up next: a fast food worker strike in Memphis.

13. Nine states formed a coalition to work on enacting carbon taxes at the state level.

14. This U.S. retailer will become the first in the country to start selling hijabs, and this donut shop is saying farewell to foam by 2020.

15. We’re happy to see victories around the world, too:
🌍 Over in France, they’ve decided to close all coal-fired power plants by 2021.

🌍 Canada’s national anthem just got a positive update. As their former prime minister said:

“It’s a tile in the mosaic of progress. It alone is not going to make a difference, but it’s a piece of the puzzle.”

🌍 And it’s still early in the process, but India is working on a plan to provide free healthcare to half a billion low-income citizens.

Gratitude Journal

This week we’re remembering the lives of this Black Lives Matter leader and this fierce advocate for non-violent resistance.

And we couldn’t help but smile at this work advice, these puppers, and this new biopic that’s in the works, not to mention this celebration about a movie we can’t wait to see. Oh, and #ThisIsOurHouse. 💪

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Small Victories Issue 58

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