Small Victories Issue 57

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The State of the Uniom (no, that’s not a typo) aired this week, and we don’t know about you, but we opted to skip it and instead watch this to kick off Black History Month. Highly recommend. 👍💪

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1. In a 51-46 vote (albeit a little too close for comfort considering it needed 60 votes to pass), the Senate struck down a bill that would have put a 20 week ban on abortions.

2. Over in Texas, a judge (temporarily) halted a law that would require healthcare workers to bury or cremate fetal tissue following an abortion.

3. And we didn’t expect to be writing this sentence, but thank you to the Satanic Temple for protecting reproductive rights in Missouri!

4. Yet another Trump appointee is out, this time due to conflicts of interest. Guys, this is what happens when your CDC director buys and sells tobacco stock. 🙄

5. Plus Reps. Trey Gowdy, Patrick Meehan, and Rodney Frelinghuysen are the latest Republicans to call it quits in Congress—bringing the latest tally to 34.

6. After learning their town manager was a white separatist, residents of Jackman, Maine gave him the boot.

Small Victories Issue 57

7. After being detained by ICE, immigrant rights leader Ravi Ragbir was released to fight his case from home.

8. Meanwhile, New Jersey’s new governor is creating a new state office to provide immigrants with legal support.

9. And no matter what happens to the DACA program next month, Medicaid coverage for Dreamers in New York is safe, thanks to pressure from local organizations.

10. A Vermont high school became the first in the country to fly a Black Lives Matter flag, thanks to sustained activism from committed students. As student organizer Joelyn Mensah said,

“I hope this starts a precedent for other schools, local and in the U.S., and to better their curriculum for black students.”

But the school is now receiving threats and hate mail, so if you want to show your support, you can sign this petition.

11. The University of Michigan has become the latest school to reject Richard Spencer. He does have an upcoming speech scheduled at Michigan State, but students have already planned a campaign to resist his event.

12. After decades of protests from Indigenous activists, Cleveland’s baseball team is finally getting rid of its racist logo. #YoureOuttaHere

13. Democrat Austin Davis overwhelmingly won a special election in Pennsylvania, becoming the first black man to ever win in his district.

14. And while it’s still early, it’s promising to see donations flooding in for the progressive candidates who are opposing the terrible two-faced IDC members currently holding seats in the New York State Senate. #KnowYourCandidates .

15. McD’s took a small step towards going green—the golden arches will be using only recyclable and sustainable packaging by 2025.

Gratitude Journal

This week, we have to thank NASA and #science for the heads up on the super blue—and super stunning—blood moon; this feel-good show that helps us stay optimistic when times are tough; this doggo for the support he showed survivors last week; these kiddos for filling our hearts with all the love feels; and this incredible woman who may be leaving PP but we hope will be heading to D.C.

After seeing and reading about this film’s premiere, not to mention the costumes, we’re excited to head to the theater to check it out.

Oh, and libraries. ❤️  always.

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