Small Victories Issue 56

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Welp. We had such high hopes on Friday when the Democrats fought Trump and the GOP to protect Dreamers:

Small Victories Issue 56

But we found ourselves doing this just a few days later when the Dems caved:

Small Victories Issue 56

This definitely isn’t where we wanted to be this week, but we’re going to remember how far the Dreamers have come, channel our frustration into activism, and fight even harder to demand they get permanent protection… while not giving Trump a cent for his border wall. After all, apparently Mexico’s going to pay for it, so he shouldn’t have any problem getting that deal done. #WhatALiar

Okay, enough venting for the moment. On to the good stuff.

-Alison & Stephanie


1. On the second anniversary of the Women’s March, over one million people showed up to marches across the country and around the world! Indigenous women led Seattle’s march, and wore red for an important reason—and in a tiny Nova Scotian fishing village, 32 out of 65 residents marched, doubling last year’s turnout!

Asheville  ✊ Yukon Territory  ✊ Chicago  ✊ Austin  ✊ Charlotte  ✊ Los Angeles

And it looks something like this:

2. In a big win for the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Floridians will have the opportunity to restore voting rights to over a million citizens with past felony convictions. We hope this ballot initiative passes in November!

3. Some good news for New Jersey: The state banned bump stock sales.  

4. This week, judges told North Carolina and Pennsylvania legislators to redraw their congressional maps. Republicans in North Carolina are trying to delay the ruling, and here’s a thought-provoking (and disturbing) piece explaining why it’s so important that they’re defeated.

5. Israeli pilots refused to fly planes deporting refugees and asylum seekers. As one pilot said,

“I have joined many of my good friends in declaring that I will not fly refugees to their deaths. I won’t take part in that barbarism.”

6. After a Republican Congressman’s past sexual harassment scandal was uncovered, he announced he will retire. And if Rep. Jackie Speier and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand have anything to do with it, there will be major changes to the way Congress tackles sexual harassment. 👍

7. While Congress tries to override the FCC’s decision to end net neutrality, New York and Montana made moves to keep things neutral on the state level.

8. Oregon voted to protect Medicaid expansion, thanks to Yes for Healthcare’s hard work and Indivisible volunteers knocking on more than 12,000 doors to get out the vote.

9. 40% of men between the ages of 18 and 25 have reported changes in their behavior thanks to the #MeToo movement.

10. In addition to legalizing marijuana earlier this month, California is now giving people the chance to wipe marijuana-related offenses from their records.

11. With the help of local #SurvivedAndPunished organizers, a mother and survivor of domestic violence will be released from prison after 10 years—and they’ve set up a freedom fund to support her return home. 💗

12. Amazon managers can no longer ask potential employees about their pay history, which may help combat salary discrimination.

Small Victories Issue 56

13. The first female cinematographer and first transgender director nominees, Rachel Morrison and Yance Ford, are heading to the Oscars. Plus Jordan Peele is the first black filmmaker nominated for best writer, director, and producer in the same year.

14. And in other film-related news, the Producers Guild just released new guidelines to combat sexual harassment on set, and it seems only fitting that this will be the first film to follow them.

15. Both Slate and the LA Times overwhelmingly voted to unionize! The LA Times’ owners have historically been very anti-union, so this is a huge deal for the newspaper in particular. (Here’s how organizers made it happen.)

16. And while we’re on the topic of journalists banding together… After a high school tried to censor its student journalists, they had none of it—and launched their own independent newspaper to report on an investigation at the school. 💪

Gratitude Journal

We’re already missing Ursula LeGuin, but these women, this judge, and the investigative journalists who brought this story to light are keeping us going this week. Plus we’re inspired by these Indigenous women activists, and Corey Robin’s reality check is helping out, too. And FYI—this journalist is coming back, and we could not be happier. 🙌

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