Small Victories Issue 55

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This weekend marks one year since the nightmare that is Trump was inaugurated—and yes, every day we’re still saying “WTF??” But it’s also one year since over three million women and allies took to the streets at the Women’s March.

If you’re not able to join an anniversary march, or you just want to relive the day, check out Together We Rise, a new book that documents the Women’s March in photos and essays from the badass organizers and some of our favs, like Roxane Gay.

March on!
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1. Dreamers can once again apply for renewals, thanks to last week’s court ruling that (partially) blocked Trump’s order to end DACA.

2. But that’s not enough—they need permanent protection, so people have been protesting all week to demand a Dream Act now:

OregonNew YorkOhioFloridaArizonaIllinois ✊  New Mexico

3. And in Washington D.C., hundreds of immigrant youth, faith leaders, parents, and allies from all over the country paid the Senate and House a visit and rallied outside the Capitol.

4. In a Wisconsin special election, Democrat Patty Schachtner flipped a state Senate seat from red to blue, in a district where a Republican won by 26 points the last time around. 👊

5. Books Through Bars and others demanded an end to a heinous pilot program that barred donations of books and fresh food to three prisons in New York—and their efforts paid off when the program was shut down within a week.

6. Angry and concerned Iowans—in a very conservative county—showed up to ask Senator Grassley some tough questions at his first town hall of the year.

7. In NYC, a statue of the “father of modern gynecology” is being moved from Central Park to a cemetery. Why? Click here. #TheMoreYouKnow

8. Another Trump appointee is out, and not a moment too soon. This time, CNN discovered that the guy overseeing programs like AmeriCorps said terrible things about basically everyone except straight white men, and he resigned. 😠

9. In his first official act, New Jersey’s new governor signed an executive order supporting equal pay for women.

10. Speaking of the Garden State, Chris Christie is officially out of office! And one of his last acts was to close two youth prisons, thanks to public pressure from the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and others.

11. On Martin Luther King Day, people marched, rallied, and volunteered all across the country.

12. Once again, ProPublica’s reporting led a judge to throw out an innocent man’s conviction.

13. Chelsea Manning is running for Senate! We might just have to move to Maryland so we can vote for her in the primaries. #WeGotThis

14. And according to the nonprofit Act Blue, way more Democratic Congressional candidates are raising money earlier than in previous years. (We highly recommend checking out their 2017 recap.)

15. People projected a message for Trump onto a federal building in San Francisco. His DC hotel also received similar treatment, but with a little extra flare this time. 💩

16. Pennsylvania’s governor announced a proposal to give overtime pay to more workers by raising the qualifying salary higher than the current federal limit of $23,600 a year.  

17. A Massachusetts legislator is updating a law so it will no longer protect military service members from being held accountable for violent crimes.

18. This figure skater is making history as the first openly gay U.S. athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics.

19. Federal prosecutors will drop charges against most—though not all—of the inauguration protesters still awaiting trial.

20. CVS announced that images featuring their brands will no longer be photoshopped.

Small Victories Issue 55

21. Wins from around the world:

🌏  A human rights court in Costa Rica ruled to bring marriage equality to 20 countries across the Americas.

🌏  Drivers in Norway are now buying hybrid and electric cars more than 50% of the time.

🌏  We missed this in December, but it’s too good not to share—Mexico and New Zealand are leading an international effort to protect the high seas.

🌏  Belize is conserving their barrier reefs by ending oil activity in its oceans.

Gratitude Journal

Big thanks to our readers Lynne, Ashia, Jacque, Susan, and Zan for sending in victories. And with everything going on, we’re grateful to these garbage collectors, this baker, these women in entertainment, and these campaign managers for giving us some extra hope this week.

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Small Victories Issue 55

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