Small Victories Issue 54

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One of our short term (and long term) goals is to help progressive and radical candidates win elections, which is why we’re so excited that Run for Something—an amazing organization supporting progressive millennial candidates—exists. If you or someone you know should run for office, their new book is a great way to kickstart your campaign. And thanks to founder Amanda Litman and the wonderful folks at Greenburger and Simon & Schuster, we’re giving away a free copy to a lucky Small Victories reader! To enter, share this week’s list on social media and tag us @SmVictories.

Let’s fill those seats!

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1. While we’re on the topic of elections: At least 30 Republicans are retiring from Congress this year, including this major problem in California. (And if he tries to run elsewhere, we know Indivisible San Diego will know just what to do.) Now is the time to #RunForSomething.

Small Victories Issue 54

2. Also exiting in 2018: Steve Bannon. He’s out at both Breitbart AND Sirius XM. 👍👍

3. It’s not good news or breaking news that our president is racist, but CNN is now explicitly saying it on-air, and that’s something. #SmallVictories. Now we hope the rest of the media joins, too.

4. Washington residents who identify as non-binary will soon have the power to choose another gender option on their birth certificates.

5. While there’s still a LOT of work to be done to fix (read: abolish) our prison system, we’re happy to see New York City and state taking steps to stop setting bail for misdemeanors.

6. NYC is also joining the state in divesting billions in pension funds from fossil fuels—and they’ve gone a step further by suing five oil companies!

7. And over in Washington, their governor is looking to tax carbon emissions, as well as proposing a bunch of ways to make voting a whole lot easier. ✅

8. A Dreamer put his know-your-rights training to good use and shut down an ICE arrest, with some help from the Washington Immigrant and Solidarity Network. Plus, a community and Congressman rallied around an Ohio businessman, and he was saved from deportation.

9. DSA members have been keeping busy:
🌹 Their Houston chapter is still helping Hurricane Harvey victims.
🌹 When Trump went to a football game in Atlanta, the city’s DSA group projected a choice message for him on the side of the stadium. (At least one football player agreed.)
🌹 More and more chapters are fixing brake lights for free. This piece by New Orleans DSA member, Kaitlin Marone, explains why this service is so important:

“The meaning of this work lies in community members doing a simple favor for each other… There are so many more tiny, easy, low cost services we can do for people that have big symbolic and material impacts.”

10. Jeff Sessions may not be happy about this (but we are!)—Vermont just voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

11. Mariame Kaba christened New Year’s Eve #FreeThePeopleDay and asked her Twitter followers to donate the cost of one drink to a community bail fund. After she spent the day fundraising and coordinating online, she raised $234,000. If this was possible in one day, imagine what the entire year could bring.

12. In a unanimous vote, Trump’s own appointees killed his plan to revive coal and nuclear power.

13. A federal court ruled that Trump must partially reinstate DACA. We should note that while this sounds like great news, it’s a little more complicated: New applicants won’t be considered, and the court didn’t set a date for the government to accept Dreamers’ renewals. So while this is good, we need better—like a #CleanDreamActNow. Seriously.

14. A judge ruled that North Carolina’s Congressional districts are unconstitutional and must be redrawn. This is the first win of its kind on the federal level, and we hope it’s not the last.

15. We’re breathing a sigh of relief that this woman is in it to win it until at least 2020—which is still not long enough in our humble opinion. 💪

Small Victories Issue 54

16. Thanks to the ACLU, two New Jersey prisons reversed their ban of the (excellent) book The New Jim Crow.

17. A Wisconsin school district settled a discrimination lawsuit brought against them by a transgender student—and will pay him $800,000.

18. The protesters who tore down a Confederate monument in NC are no longer facing felony charges. One of them was sentenced to community service—but didn’t she already do just that? #WeThinkSo

19. Vox’s brand new union will have a seat the negotiating table now that they have received recognition from management.

20. Activists like Ai-jen Poo and Mónica Ramírez spoke to a national audience at the Golden Globes about ending sexual violence against marginalized groups including farmworkers, women of color, and caregivers.

21. And while there’s always room for improvement (hello!), we were happy that the Golden Globes gave awards to Aziz Ansari and Sterling K. Brown—the first Asian-American man and African-American man to win Best Actor in a TV series—and that Oprah became the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Oh, and does anyone else agree that these two films deserve to win everything? 👍 🏆

22. Finally, if you need proof that the world can get better, here are nine more good things that happened in 2017.

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Small Victories Issue 54

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