Small Victories Issue 53

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Happy new year! Hello 2018!

We loved seeing your reactions to our year-end recap (if you missed it, check it out here), but now we’re setting our sights on the new year. We may only be five days into 2018, but this year has already been… eventful. 😨  We can’t predict what the coming months will bring, but we do know one thing for sure: We are SO ready for the midterms. #WhosWithUs?

So on that note, here are some ideas to lead us to victory:

⭐ One Thing You Can Do’s Core Four can help focus your election attention.

All these recommendations sent to Doug Jones from the organizations that helped elect him are spot on.

⭐ And if you find yourself asking, “What now?” then read this.

Here we come!
– Alison & Stephanie


1. After multiple states refused to participate in Trump’s ridiculous and disastrous investigation into a crime that does not exist, he finally dissolved his ruse of a voter fraud commission.

2. Newark, NJ is pushing back against the FCC’s net neutrality decision by keeping its fiber-optic internet connection net neutral. #GoodOptics

3. New York and California’s governors pardoned more than 20 immigrants so they won’t be deported, including a transgender activist who can now apply for a green card with her correct gender.

4. In our end of year recap, we said 16,000 women told Emily’s List they want to run for office, but the updated number is actually way higher—25,000, to be exact.

Small Victories Issue 53

5. Thanks to a new law, people in California will no longer have to disclose previous criminal history or past salaries to potential employers.

6. Mike Pence’s Coloradan neighbors welcomed him in the best way possible while he was on a visit to their great state last week.

7. Another California victory: A court ruled that a student athlete can’t be forced to stand for the national anthem. As the student’s lawyer said,

“Students like our client, who conscientiously carry their values and ideals with them, cannot be silenced.”

8. Women in Hollywood launched Time’s Up, a huge initiative to combat sexual harassment with a legal defense fund to help low-income women working in a variety of fields—including the farmworkers who stood in solidarity with actresses a few months ago.

9. We’re also happy to report (pun intended!) that the Hollywood Reporter has assigned seven reporters to a brand new sexual misconduct beat. 📰 👍

10. A new law that makes it illegal to pay men more than women just went into effect in Iceland. #EverywhereNowPlease

11. In the first year since New Jersey got rid of cash bail, county jail populations dropped by 17%. 🙌

12. 18 states are raising the minimum wage this year. You can check to see if your state is on the list here.

13. A court ruled that an Obama-era regulation helping low-income families in 23 metropolitan areas would go into effect on January 1st.

Gratitude Journal

Big thanks to Zan and Susan for sending in victories for this week, and to Lori for introducing us to these incredible Muslim Girls Making Change in their Vermont community.

We’re remembering this “patron saint of black women writers,” who would have been 127 this Sunday, and clapping for these DOJ interns who clearly understand what justice means way better than their boss does.

And it’s still early, but this guy may have already won best Twitter thread of the month.

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