Small Victories Issue 51

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We were all set to start this week’s issue with some holiday cheer, but then the tax vote happened, and, well…

Small Victories Issue 51

But then we saw this video from Ady Barkan, and it stopped us in our tracks. Watch it. It’s worth it—trust us.

“It’s exhausting and humiliating, and it undermines your confidence in the country and your core values. So the first thing you have to do is acknowledge the pain. And then you have to say, you know what? In the face of that, I will fight.”

And while our actions this week may not have led to the results we hoped for (in more than one case, wtf), they matter—and as this necessary reading explains, they are fueled by the fiercest love. To everyone who made phone calls, found creative ways to protest, and faced arrest: Thank you for demonstrating the best in humanity. This isn’t over yet. ❤️


1. New York took steps to divest all $390 billion of the state’s pension funds from fossil fuel companies! Plus France is banning oil and gas production by 2040, and the insurance company Axa will stop insuring US pipelines. #DivestNY 🌎

2. The neo-Nazi who killed Heather Heyer in Charlottesville was charged with first-degree murder.

3. Two federal judges temporarily blocked Trump from allowing companies to opt of the birth control requirement under Obamacare. #HandsOffMyBC  

4. Thanks to public outcry, a DACA recipient was released from detention. If you want to step up your support for Dreamers, demand your members of Congress take the Dreamer Pledge before the next spending bill vote in January.

5. The same six inauguration protesters we wrote about last week, who were facing decades in prison, were just found not guilty on ALL charges! You can pitch in and help the 185 other activists facing charges cover their legal fees.

6. Memphis removed two Confederate monuments while onlookers chanted, cheered, and sang.

7. A federal judge ruled that two teenage immigrants in detention have the right to obtain abortions, and the ACLU will keep fighting to permanently end the policy trying to restrict them.

8. Yet another court blocked Trump’s attempt to revive the ban on transgender military members. #NopeAgain

9. The New York City Council passed a watered-down Right to Know Act. This is partially good news, because police will now have to tell people when they have the right to refuse a search, BUT a last-minute loophole exempts police from having to tell people why they’re being stopped in most cases. Communities United for Police Reform worked so hard to win this partial victory—if you want to help them get over the finish line, you can help support them here.

10. The New York City Council also passed legislation which requires landlords to create healthy homes, thanks to the Coalition for Asthma-Free Housing. #ByeBugs #NoMoreMold

11. When she couldn’t find a list of all the black women running for office next year, this amazing woman created one. #ElectMoreBlackWomen

12. Mary Louise Kelly was promoted to host of NPR’s All Things Considered after questioning her boss on the air about the company’s response to sexual harassment claims. #WorthAListen

Small Victories Issue 51

13. A Trump nominee has withdrawn their name after this humiliating experience, and another nominee was rejected. FYI—it doesn’t help to be a career-long critic of the very agency you’ve been picked to lead. 🙄

14. The entertainment industry (with Anita Hill’s help) and Microsoft are taking steps to combat workplace sexual harassment.

15. Twitter has started shutting down accounts that spout hate speech. While this isn’t even close to good enough, we do think it’s better than nothing.

16. Four attorneys general sued Betsy DeVos after the Department of Education didn’t provide student loan relief to over 50,000 defrauded Corinthian Colleges students. And a big thanks to Strike Debt, who’s been fighting this battle for years.


Gratitude Journal

Our friends at Handwritten Revolution are bringing people together for political letter-writing parties on the anniversary of The Women’s March—and they’re providing free supplies to anyone who wants to get in on the fun.

If you want to host or join a party near you, email, and you may just see a special message from us when you’re there. ✍💪

And while we’re on the subject, this weekend we’ll be reading about these micro-revolutions, and we’re dedicating this week’s Songspiration to this revolutionary queen of rock and roll, who is finally joining the Hall of Fame. 👍  🙌

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