Small Victories Issue 50

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We’re still high on happiness over Tuesday’s election result. We have lots more to say about this below, but before we dive in, we want to take a moment to the recognize black organizers and voters, and especially black women, who made this victory possible. But thanking them isn’t enough—if you’re grateful for their work, support it! We love Mariame Kaba’s explanation of why we all should.

The organizers who mobilized voters on the ground in the reddest of states embody this quote by Angela Davis:

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.”

We can’t help but think, if we all were to do the same, just imagine what we could accomplish.

-Alison & Stephanie



We’ve gained another progressive in the Senate thanks to the tireless GOTV efforts by local grassroots organizations. Pastors helped register thousands of incarcerated people, Black PAC members knocked on over 250,000 doors in the last five days, and Indivisible members covered 110 canvasing shifts, knocked on 5,500 doors, and sent over 242,000 text messages. And we have to shout out Perman Hardy, a 59-year-old former sharecropper, who spent ten hours driving more than 50 people to the polls.

Since we’re not in Alabama, we’re offering our thanks through donations, and you can too. Here are a few great places to start:

💕 BlackPac  💕 Project South  💕 Southern Elections Fund  💕 Woke Vote  💕  Movement Voter Project  💕 BlackVotersMatter  💕 T.O.P.S.

And you can find more great organizations here and here.

2. Within 15 minutes of the FCC’s vote to end net neutrality, New York’s Attorney General announced he’s suing them. More states are joining the fight, and we suspect the number will keep growing:


3. Minnesota’s Lt. Governor, Tina Smith, has been named as Al Franken’s replacement. (DYK: this appointment makes Minnesota the 4th state to have two women senators.) #MorePlease

4. After Tuesday’s special election victory, we can’t help but look ahead to the 2018 elections, and we’re happy to report that more women are running for Congress than ever before. #Goals #SeeAbove

Small Victories Issue 50

5. A judge dismissed the felony charge of inciting a riot against six inauguration protesters. But they still face decades in prison on other trumped-up charges. A lot is riding on this case, so if you want to help support the J20 activists, you can learn more here.

6. With all the sexual assault and harassment allegations against Trump gaining steam, organizers held a #MeToo rally in his front yard in NYC. And senators are beginning to call for his resignation.

7. Another Trump nominee withdrew their nomination—this time, for a key position in the EPA.

8. Dozens of churches across the country from New York to North Carolina are declaring themselves sanctuary congregations.

9. Both Brett Talley and Jeff Mateer, Trump’s latest judicial nominees, were dropped from consideration. Why? Because they have zero business being federal judges—see here and here. 🙄

10. The passage of the GOP’s tax bill is still very much up in the air, due in no small part to all the calls, letters, and visits from concerned citizens—just look at these images of 84 activists who were arrested on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. ✊

11. The World Bank announced that by 2019 they will no longer fund oil and gas production. #MoreWorldLessBank

12. Cities are paying up for their wrongdoings:

👉 New York City will pay settlements to Rikers inmates forced into solitary confinement.

👉 The Englewood, Maryland City Council agreed to pay $31 million to four innocent men who spent over a decade in prison for a crime they did not commit.

👉 LA’s City Council unanimously voted to pay nearly $300K to Wakiesha Wilson’s family after she died in jail in 2016.

13. With help from IATSE, writers assistants and script coordinators will now have retirement and health benefits through their very own union.

Small Victories Issue 50
14. Dreamers and allies continue to occupy Senate offices to demand a #CleanDreamActNow. Now’s the time to get involved—next week will be crucial. If for some reason you’re not convinced, even Tim Cook and famed nightmare person Charles Koch agree that Dreamers must be protected.

15. Since launching a statewide contraception program eight years ago, Colorado is seeing a massive drop in teen pregnancy. #I❤️ UDs

16. Michael Che made history this week as the first person of color to become a head writer at SNL.

17. We don’t usually do gossipy good news but 😎—Omarosa is gone. She either resigned, or was fired… or was dragged out of the White House. #OnThisSeasonsApprentice…

18. Talent agencies ICM and CAA pledged that they’ll achieve 50-50 gender parity by 2020, and CAA is also creating a legal fund to assist victims of workplace harassment instead of throwing a Golden Globes party. Oh, and 👏  SAG Awards.

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We’re dancing all the way into the weekend thanks to the Snowy Bing Bongs. And after multiple days of living in suspense, these 43 glorious minutes are just what we need right now, not to mention our excitement over this news about our favorite neighbor. TTYL from Alibing82 and Cobain666K. 💙

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Small Victories Issue 50

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