Small Victories: Issue 5

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“The women are in my grill no matter where I go.”
Rep Dave Brat (R-VA)

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1. Hours after the release of the executive order on immigration, people around the country said, “HELL NO!”

Thousands of people, including veterans, lawyers and translators, rallied at airports and in cities across the country.

“If people have lost faith in America after last night, come here. You’ll get it right back. If you feel hopeless, just come here. You won’t feel hopeless anymore.”
Miriam Seddiq, immigration attorney at Dulles

💪 Seattle 💪 DC 💪 NYC  💪 Chicago  💪 Boston 💪
and all these red states too! 💪

And we can’t forget the #pupactivists


Federal judges held emergency hearings and blocked the order, most of the initial detainees were released, and the White House announced green card holders would be allowed back in. But the fight against the ban (and Trump’s other policies) continues!

3. Women were on the frontlines of the resistance. Surprised? We aren’t.

🙌  Four women judges led the way in opposing the travel ban.

🙌  An estimated 70% of lawyers volunteering at Dulles were women.

🙌  Sally Yates did exactly what she said she would do when she directed top lawyers at the Justice Department not to defend the the White House’s executive order on immigration. While short lived, it led someone to update her Wikipedia bio.


🙌  These two female Republican Senators will vote NO against Betsy DeVos.
(It’s not a total victory yet, but they are the first in their party to come out against this nomination and we think they deserve a shout out. It may not have happened if thousands of citizens had not called and voiced their concerns)

4. Corporate America is feeling the pressure: Uber’s CEO is stepping down from Trump’s economic advisory board, Harley Davidson withdrew its invitation for Trump to visit their Milwaukee factory, Starbucks announced plans to hire 10,000 refugees, and Lyft will donate $1 million to the ACLU.

5. Speaking of donations… Contributions to groups fighting the ban surged. The ACLU alone received $24 million and gained more than 150,000 new members in three days! Let’s keep it up people!

6. People continue to confront their representatives—and it’s working.

👏  Texas & Pennsylvania 👏

In Rhode Island, Senator Whitehouse’s dinner was interrupted by his constituents, who were not about to leave without some answers. It’s worth a watch, and yes, Senator Whitehouse, #wehaveyourback

And New Yorkers were like, “What the f*ck, Chuck?!” So they delivered protein bars and weights to Sen. Schumer’s house in Brooklyn—to help him regain his strength and stand firm against the cabinet picks. Love the creativity, you guys!

7.  Small Victories, Division of Health and Science: After public outcry, the Trump administration agreed to continue outreach promoting the Affordable Care Act; a court ruled that Monsanto must label their product Roundup as a possible cancer threat; and Al Gore will host his own climate change summit in place of a canceled federal conference.

8. After a Texas mosque burned down, the town’s Jewish community gave their Muslim neighbors the keys to their synagogue, over $1 million in donations have flooded in to help them rebuild, and more than 1,000 people formed a human shield around Muslims during their biennial Texas Muslim Capitol Day, which brings members of Muslim communities across the state, including many young students, to witness state government in action. 💜

9. South Dakota lawmakers withdrew a discriminatory bill aimed against transgender students, and the the Boy Scouts are now accepting transgender boys as members.

10. Gerrymandering is out of control, and a Wisconsin judge thinks so too: A new ruling requires state districts to be redrawn.

11. Last but not least, every NYPD officer will be required to wear a body camera by late 2019.

Nearly 80 years after America’s first black female judge was sworn in, nine black women were elected to be judges in Alabama. Yes, this happened in November, but the good news was overshadowed by that other election.

And just a quick reminder:


This week we’d also like to give a big high five to hand and feet warmers: a life saver when you’re out in the cold standing up (for hours) on behalf of humanity.

Alison & Stephanie

P.S. Enjoy this little video on Lady Liberty’s oft-overlooked Muslim origins.

P.P.S. 🎉 🌅 🌈 🌟 💥

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