Small Victories Issue 48

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From the impending tax bill vote to DACA renewal negotiations, there’s a lot on the line this week. While we anxiously await more news, we’re focusing on all those taking action, like the graduate students rallying around the country, the thousands of faith leaders who wrote to Congress, and the Dreamers being arrested to protect the rights of so many others. As DACA recipient Belén Sisa said,

“I felt like my heart just led me to say you need to do this. You need to put everything on the line for something bigger than yourself.”

No matter what happens today, the work continues and we’re in it together. Come find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you want to chat, because we could all use a little pep talk with friends. #solidarityselfcare


1. A federal judge in Texas indefinitely blocked a new law that would have banned a commonly-used abortion method the during second trimester. But we’re not celebrating too much because our attention is now on this outrageous and sneaky move by the GOP. 🙄

2. A judge ruled that the military must start accepting transgender service members beginning January 1st.

3. With sexual misconduct allegations continuing to pour in, a veteran TV host (and noted creep) and this well-known radio personality, were fired. Also, two Minnesota state legislators resigned from their posts, and John Conyers stepped down from his position on the Judiciary Committee. Dudes going down left and right.

4. In a win for gun safety advocates, the Supreme Court will not hear cases challenging Maryland’s assault weapon ban or Florida’s open-carry ban.

5. Dreamers from the Seed Project disrupted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to demand permanent protection for young undocumented immigrants. Plus the first Republican representative announced he won’t vote for an appropriations bill without reinstating DACA. #DREAMActNow #OurDream

6. After over a decade fighting to withhold the truth, tobacco companies have been ordered to run ads admitting that they lied to consumers about the dangers of smoking while at the same time making them more addictive. #TinyWinForTheTruth

7. Hundreds of students participated in a week of action to protest the possibility of a notorious neo-Nazi speaking at their school. Meanwhile, he was banned from entering 26 European countries—can we add America to the list as well? #StopSpencer

Small Victories Issue 48

8. Thanks to Massachusetts’ Senate, House, and (Republican!) governor, the state is the first in the country to offer free birth control after Trump reversed a Obama-era regulation. #BipartisanshipAtWork

9. Middle school students walked out of school to protest a teacher’s racist comment—and as a result, the teacher was placed on leave.

10. Workers of the world continue to unite: Fight for $15 organizers unionized; Reuters employees in the News Guild of New York union won raises in a new contract; and Instacart workers here in the States and thousands of Amazon workers in Germany and Italy went on strike. #PowerInNumbers

11. Toronto’s school board overwhelmingly voted to remove police from public schools, thanks to the work of Black Lives Matter Toronto and other community groups.

 12. Thousands of people around the world, in countries including Brazil, Italy, Peru, Spain, Mozambique, and Turkey, rallied to protest violence against women.

13. Hundreds in New York City marched with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to demand that Wendy’s do their part to end sexual violence against women farmworkers. #BootTheBraids

14. The New York City Council voted to ban anti-LGBTQ+ conversion therapy and to protect residents from landlord harassment.
The Grammy noms are out, and in its 60 year history, this is the first time all lead artists nominated for record of the year are people of color, and all nominees for album of the year are people of color or women. 🎶❤️

Gratitude Journal

We’re grateful for this trailblazing Japanese politician; our friends at Handwritten Revolution for making political action through snail mail easier than ever; this must-read thread; Hope Carmichael and her salad; Gini, Ashia, and Caitlin for sending us victories; and’s Word of the Year and Refinery 29’s Gender Nation Glossary for reminding us what words actually mean.  👍

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