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After this week, if you can relate a little too much to this little guy, you’re not alone. We’ve been sending this newsletter for 43 consecutive weeks, and we noticed that some weeks are brimming with victories and others are… not quite as fruitful. We know change takes years, if not decades or centuries, but the steady stream of bad news can be hard to handle. We’re here for you.

That said, we have a little something up our sleeves and are excited to share it with you in next week’s newsletter, so stay tuned—and keep sending us your victories in the meantime.

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1. Every day, the list of powerful men being called out and held accountable for sexual harassment and assault grows. #TheTideIsTurning

2. While being held in a Texas detention facility, a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant won her legal battle against the Trump administration and was able to obtain an abortion.

3. Reddit announced they are cracking down on hate groups by banning certain types of violent content—starting with the removal of Nazis and white supremacist pages. In other news, Twitter has banned Russian companies RT and Sputnik from advertising on their platform. 👋👋👋

4. In a win for animal rights, New York banned elephant performances in entertainment, including circuses and parades. #NotDumboAtAll

Small Victories Issue 43

5. Joe Arpaio may have been pardoned by Trump, but on the record, he is most definitely still a very guilty man. The federal judge on his case confirmed she will retain Joe Arpaio’s guilty verdict, despite Trump’s pardon, which leaves Arpaio open to lawsuits.

6. Enrollment for the ACA begins next Wednesday, November 1st, and while the current administration is doing little to spread the word, we’re happy to see that groups like the Indivisible ACA Sign Up Project and events like the upcoming ACA Enrollment Action Blitz are working to bring awareness to the enrollment process. We’re also very happy about this welcome update too. 👌

7. New York City’s Board of Elections is facing consequences for illegally purging more than 100,000 voters, and has agreed to restore these voting rights and prevent similar actions in the future.

8. People gathered for a picnic spanning across the US-Mexico border. As JR, the artist behind the event, described,

“People [were] eating the same food, sharing the same water, enjoying the same music (half of the band on each side) around the eye of a dreamer… We forgot the wall for a minute.”

Photo by JR

9. With help from Tesla and their solar powered panels and batteries, electricity has returned to a children’s hospital in Puerto Rico.

10. After 135 years in operation, journalists at the Los Angeles Times are unionizing. #unionstrong

11. A Massachusetts church is providing a safe haven for an undocumented immigrant to prevent his deportation. (Thanks, Judy!)

12. When white supremacists were about to speak at the University of Florida, music professor Laura Ellis climbed the school’s bell tower and played “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (the black national anthem) for the campus to hear.


Our weekend plans include devouring the new season of Radiolab’s supremely wonderful podcast More Perfect, and with a line like, “My vagina is a lion,” we know this is a movie we need to see. (It also doesn’t hurt that the film is about the woman who helped bring women’s suffrage to the women of Switzerland in 1971.)

In solidarity,

P.S. Surprise.

So much of this 🙌 👏 when learning about this. #spreadit

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