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If you’ve been on social media for even five minutes this week, you likely saw a newsfeed filled with people’s stories of sexual assault and harassment, using the hashtag #MeToo. It may have taken off this week, but Tarana Burke created the “me too Movement” ten years ago. After working with sexual assault survivors, “particularly young women of color from low wealth communities,” she sought to create “radical community healing” through empathy.

Here at Small Victories, we are all about recognizing the years of work that’s so often necessary to create change, and Tarana’s commitment is a beautiful illustration of this. But she also reminds us that while the hashtag may feel like a tipping point in the cultural change occurring around us, we can’t stop there. As she told Democracy Now!,

“I appreciate the hashtag elevating the conversation, but it’s not a hashtag, right? It’s not a moment. This is a movement.”

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1. The newest version of Trump’s Muslim ban was blocked by two judges, while hundreds of people rallied outside the White House (and more across the country) to demand #NoMuslimBanEver.

2. A white supremacist’s event at the University of Florida attracted only a handful of supporters and more than 2,500 protesters, who drowned out his speech and caused it to end early. (A brewing company also came up with a brilliant plan to undermine the event.)

3. California legally recognized a non-binary gender option on state documents like driver’s licenses and made it easier for people to update documents with their accurate gender identity.

4. The St. Petersburg, FL city council voted to outlaw super PACs, setting the stage for a potential ripple effect across the country. (Thanks, Nancy!)

5. The “Philando Feeds the Children” fund, honoring Philando Castile’s work as a cafeteria supervisor, raised more than $85,000—enough money to erase every St. Paul students’ school lunch debt for at least a year. And you can still donate!

6. Our Revolution candidate Paul Feeney won a Massachusetts state Senate race, after campaigning for Medicare for All, equal pay for women, and debt-free education.

7. California banned the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits from puppy mills. 🐶

Small Victories Issue 42

8. A Mississippi school is changing its name, no longer memorializing Confederate president Jefferson Davis and instead honoring this up-and-coming author. (Thanks, Amy!)

9. The ACA Signup Project continues to gain steam, advertising ACA enrollment to millions of people. As Trump tries to sabotage Obamacare, you can help them spread the word in tomorrow’s Thunderclap.

10. With input from Black Lives Matter and Racial Justice Coalition organizers, the Vera Institute helped the Asheville, NC police department develop a new use-of-force policy promoting de-escalation and accountability.

11. University of Chicago graduate students overwhelmingly voted to unionize.

Small Victories Issue 42

12. The Kingston, NY Republican Committee cut ties with a local candidate who made racist comments, thanks to public outcry condemning her remarks. (Thanks, Jess!)

13. TransCanada (who owns the proposed Keystone XL pipeline) canceled plans for a pipeline that would have crossed 50 First Nations territories.

We’re signing off this week to reread this stunning award-winner, but if you don’t have time to digest a full book, we recommend you check out the author’s super-short, newly-updated story instead.

P.S. These photos—and this campaign. 💜

P.P.S. Tulane is paying it forward in the best way.

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