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What a week. From the devastation in California, to basically every other action and tweet coming out of this administration—it’s been a lot. Quite honestly, we’re feeling a bit like this guy.

And then there’s Harvey Weinstein. Helen Rosner’s super honest explanation about what it’s like to work with sexual predators is something many of us can probably relate to in some capacity. For decades, this man had the power to abuse and assault people. But now it’s time to change the narrative from silence and complicity to outrage and action. We have the power to stop this behavior. We have power in numbers. If you see something, say something. Let’s hold each other accountable. This problem belongs to all of us, and we have the collective power to solve it.

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Last week it was Weinstein, this week it’s Amazon. Let’s keep it up.

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1. After Jemele Hill was suspended from ESPN, again, people showed up at their headquarters to protest. Hey ESPN, this is worth a read. #TakeAKnee & #StandWithJemele

2. The House of Representatives approved a $36.5 billion package to help communities affected by natural disasters. Let’s hope the Senate moves quickly to pass the bill since Trump continues to be the worst ever.

3. Hundreds of people, including clergy, shut down a highway in the St. Louis to demand justice for Anthony Lamar Smith.

4. California’s Governor signed a new law making it easier for Californians to know who is funding political ad campaigns. (Thanks, Jess & Linda!) It’s also worth noting this victory was seven years in the making thanks to endorsements by 350 organizations, over 100,000 Californians signing petitions, thousands of people writing emails and making phone calls, and hundreds showing up to packed hearings. #TeamworkToTheMax

5. The Appleseed Legal Justice Center in South Carolina received a $215,000 grant to support  criminal justice reform efforts. (Thank you, Lawson!)

6. This abusive pro-life Republican from Pennsylvania resigned from Congress after it was revealed that he asked his mistress to have an abortion. #WTFisright  

Small Victories Issue 41

7. Bloomberg Philanthropies is donating $64 million dollars help the Sierra Club’s campaign to close two-thirds of U.S coal-fired plants by 2020.

8. India’s Supreme court ruled that sex with a girl under 18 is considered rape, regardless of whether she is married or not.

9. 30,000 Israeli and Palestinian women marched for peace to demand an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As former MK Shakib Shanan said:


“Listen to the cries of truth and justice, we want peace, from this place hope emerges.”

10. On Columbus Day, people in New York City and Pittsburgh protested for the holiday to be renamed Indigenous People’s Day.  

To help keep the positivity up as we head into the weekend, we’re sending lots of congratulations to all of the 2017 MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius’ Grant winners, watching this video about a good human being, and bookmarking this article about the art of avoiding a certain type of person. 🙌

P.S. More books for diversity for the conscious kiddo. 📖 👍

P.P.S. Every step for this this pup is like every month of the Trump presidency for us.

*Correction from last week’s newsletter: we said Mayor of Puerto Rico, but we meant Mayor of San Juan.  Thank you to our reader Robin for catching our error. We were typing too fast for our own good and missed the mistake. Sorry!

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