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If you feel full of outrage and despair about the onslaught of terrible news this week, you’re not alone. But when we see the long lines of people donating blood in Las Vegas, or the work of Casa-Taller, a community group in Puerto Rico who is providing food and shelterfor people in need despite the “scarcest of resources,” we’re reminded to help however we can. You can take action to support the victims in Vegas or donate to Casa-Taller.

In the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda:

“Turn your outrage into action turn your anger into action turn their indifference to your action we keep going”

Also, the Mayor of Puerto Rico continues to take no BS. #NastyIsRight  💪

Image by Malika Favre for Resist!

Your weekly songspiration


1. Thousands of people in Washington D.C. turned out to march for black women’s rights and racial justice this past weekend. #blackwomenmatter

2. With the help of Our Revolution volunteers, progressive candidate Randall Woodfin won the Birmingham, Alabama mayoral race!

3. Well, that was quick—Tom Price is out, joining the long list of top officials who have seen the door. #PriceCutOnPennsylvaniaAvenue

4. During a recent visit to Harvard, students pulled off a stunning silent protest against Betsy DeVos. Like many things these days, it all started with a text. #TwizzlersToo

5. The CEO of Equifax resigned, which is barely a victory because of the ridiculous retirement packages people like him get, but we’re still mentioning it because of this gif from his Senate hearing:

6. A Dallas school district unanimously voted to change the names of four schools previously named after Confederate generals. (Thanks, Jami!)

7. Thanks to a federal judge in Kentucky, women will no longer have to be subjected to an ultrasound before being able to have an abortion. (Thank you, Joanie!)

8. After a racist attack on a local high school student, hundreds of people in a small town in Nevada took part in a Love Walk to support his family. (Thanks, Kathryn!) We’re also happy to see this Lieutenant General taking a hard line after racial slurs were discovered at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

9. With pressure from the CFA and Earthjustice, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to outlaw toxic chemicals often found in baby products. (Thanks, Marcy!)

10. England is making another exit, but this one we can get behind—they’re pulling out of the coal-burning power plant business, with the last plant set to close by 2025. (Thanks, Lynne, for catching this!)

11. Farmworker leaders from Migrant Justice and the CEOs of Ben & Jerry’s jointly signed the Milk with Dignity agreement, establishing the dairy industry’s first worker-led labor program. (Thanks, Jess!) 🍦 👊

12. After people participated in seven years of hearings, rallies, public comments, letters to the editor, and phone banks, the Washington Department of Ecology denied a permit needed to create North America’s largest coal-export terminal. As our reader Ellen, who worked hard for this victory, confirmed:

“Each of these acts built a mountain of support that made today’s victory possible.”

13. The League of Women Voters and the Texas State Conference of the NAACP won a lawsuit protecting voter data from Trump’s bogus voter fraud commission. The ACLU is also taking on that commission by launching a campaign to increase voter participation in all 50 states. #TakeThat #LetPeopleVote 👏

14. GM is planning for a zero-emissions future, beginning with the release of 20 all-electric models by 2023, and the Chinese government announced they’re taking steps to end sales and production of fossil fuel vehicles.

15. Congress passed the Women, Peace and Security Act! This is a big victory for our Peace is Loud family, especially Tanya Henderson who was an integral part of this legislation, which requires women’s participation in U.S. foreign policy.

We’re grabbing tickets to check out this new play, by this award-winning 27-year-old playwright, and we’re bookmarking this helpful list of reading recommendations for all the littles we need to get gifts for this holiday season, brought to you by our reader Ashia.

P.S. Check out this brief but uplifting mistake, courtesy of Ramona’s dad.

P.P.S. Love this chef, and author of this wonderfully-titled cookbook (!), who is helping to feed a hungry resistance🍳❤


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