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We’re in awe of all those that stood up against hate this week, including thousands in Charlottesville who risked their lives defending their community against white supremacy: The courageous students who were circled by white supremacists; the church leaders who locked armssang, and drowned out the Nazis’ chants; the man who was hurt protecting his loved one; and those who ran to help the injured.

Thank you to groups including SolidarityCvilleBlack Lives MatterDemocratic Socialists of America (DSA)Congregate Cville, and so many others who acted heroically. (You can help by donating to counter-protesters’ legal and medical funds, including this GoFundMefor a man beaten by white supremacists.)

As Cornel West, who was on the front lines in Charlottesville, said:

“This is a massive awakening. We’ve already seen an awakening taking place in the last few years. It will intensify. We’ve seen marvelous demonstrations in a variety of different cities… I think that we have to have a real sense of commitment to being a hope in such a bleak moment. And we can turn things around.”

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1. People organized Charlottesville solidarity rallies around the country:

✊  Colorado ✊  Minnesota ✊  Alabama ✊  North Carolina ✊  Illinois ✊ Arizona ✊  California ✊  Idaho ✊  New Hampshire ✊  Georgia ✊  Utah ✊  Ohio ✊  Massachusetts

And of course we marched in front of both of Trump’s houses to make sure we covered all our bases.

Plus, thousands descended on UVA’s campus for a beautiful and peaceful candlelight vigil:

2. One of the white nationalist organizers tried to hold a press conference in Charlottesville, but people drowned him out and chased him away in less than five minutes. Meanwhile, upcoming alt-right and white supremacy rallies are being canceled by cities and even the organizers themselves, and the ACLU reversed its policy and will no longer defend armed hate groups.

3. The number of confederate monuments being removed around the country is growing faster than we can type! You can see a fully updated list here.


Plus, Virginia and North Carolina have plans in the works, and Philadelphia is putting up the kind of statues we want to see.

And in Durham, NC, after protesters tore down a Confederate statue, hundreds joined in solidarity to turn themselves in. To learn more about how you can help Takiyah Thompson, the 22-year-old student who’s facing charges, check this out.

4. After North Carolina community members—including a local NAACP chapter, women’s groups, students, and teachers—spoke out for months, their county school board banned Confederate flags, swastikas, and KKK insignia from schools. (Thanks to our readers Crissy and Marilyn for letting us know!)

5. Corporate America is feeling the heat: Members Trump’s advisory council began resigning, while remaining members planned to disband the group entirely until he disbanded them himself. Plus, tons of companies—including AppleDiscover, Visa, and MasterCardSpotifyPayPalCloudflareAirbnbGoDaddyGoogleWordPressSquarespaceOKCupid, and Facebook—are prohibiting hate groups from using and profiting from their services. Thank you to Color of ChangeSleeping Giants, and the #BackersofHate campaign for your work!

6. Communities lined up and cheered immigrant children on their first day of school, thanks to a great idea from the group Latino Memphis.

7. The federal government will pay this month’s Obamacare subsidies.

8. The New Orleans DSA chapter is hosting events to fix broken brake lights—one of the most common reasons police pull people over—and raising money to make it an ongoing project. 🚗

9. Save Our Schools collected 110,000 signatures to add a referendum to the 2018 Arizona state ballot to stop the expansion of school vouchers. This group of parents and teachers had no previous political experience, but they rallied community support, protested, met with politicians, testified before the state legislature, and made this happen. Thank you to our readers Sharon and Marilyn! 👏

10. After an immigrant died in a New Jersey detention center, First Friends and other groups protested and spoke out about the center’s history of medical neglect—and led to the creation of a medical review panel and monthly meetings with advocacy groups.

11. On the fifth anniversary of DACA, which protects undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children from deportation, a group of educators and allies occupied the Texas attorney general’s office and people rallied all across the country in support of DREAMers💗

12. After a New York politician made intensely racist comments, members of Open BuffaloSURJ Buffalo, and other groups repeatedly disrupted school board meetings and picketed his home and office—and led to his removal from the school board.

13. In Texas, a judge dismissed a lawsuit that defended a ban on sanctuary cities, a bathroom bill died, and a Federal court ruled (for the fourth time!) that the state’s voter maps illegally discriminate against Hispanic and black voters and must be redrawn.

This weekend, as we prepare to check this item off the bucket list on Monday, we’re revisiting this masterpiece and watching this mini-doc—which is putting everything into perspective.  🌞💞🌚

P.S. From Manolis Glezos to Bree Newsome to Takiyah Thompson, these everyday heroes prove that small acts can lead to big wins.

P.P.S. Seriously, don’t be a sucker.

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