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Most of this week has been a media storm about fire and fury, brought to us by the administration of smoke and mirrors.  But there is an alternative option to all this—diplomacy and negotiation, carrots and sticks. It’s Eleanor Roosevelt’s words that continue to play in our minds:

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

Let’s remember to believe in it, and work together every day to build this alternative. 💫

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1. While the relationship between these guys appears to be in critical condition, we’re glad to see that the Senate health committee will be holding bipartisan hearings to work on urgent fixes to stabilize and improve the individual marketplace.

2. With pressure from Earthjustice, and a coalition of environmentalists, labor unions, and jobs advocates, the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Agency has purchased 95 electric buses as part of a newly passed policy to reduce tailpipe emissions to zero by 2030. Our reader Lisa points out, “as the operator of the second largest bus fleet in the country, this is very big news and a clear market signal towards the electrification of larger vehicles like buses.” 🚌 👏

3. California’s Labor Commissioner is putting a stop to visits from ICE agents who don’t have a search warrant signed by a judge.

4. Five transgender service members are suing Trump for ordering a ban on transgender individuals serving in the armed forces.

5. Robert Mueller’s investigation is heating up. It’s too soon to know what it all means, but we can’t help seeing the recent developments as a step in the right direction. #Bringonthetruth

Small Victories Issue 32

6. New Mexico’s Bernalillo County voted to uphold its policy as an immigrant-friendly community. (Thanks, Megan!)

👆 #TakenoteChicago—yes, the city recently took action against the DOJ, but there is still more to be done to protect our immigrant community.

7. An app is in the works that will allow users to convert their daily change into bail money for those that cannot afford it—and the developers are looking for volunteers to help build it📲

8. Rhode Island will begin offering free community college tuition this fall.

9. After nearly eight years of protesting by community members, a much needed adult trauma center is finally set to open in Chicago’s south side in early 2018. When the announcement was first made back in 2015, Veronica Morris-Moore, co-founder of Fearless Leading by the Youth, said:

“We’ve been relentless. It’s not that all of a sudden people decided to listen to activists…People didn’t think young black people could come together and wage a national movement. We built power and … political officials have started to see we can’t keep ignoring people.”

10. Elizabeth Warren became the latest Senator to oppose the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.

11. EMILY’s List is expanding after receiving 16,000 requests from women interested in running for office over the last 9 months. BTW, between 2015 and 2016 they had 920 inquiries total. #lookoutboys 🙋

12. A federal appeals court ruled that Gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region will retain their federal protections on the endangered species list. (Thanks, Jess!)

It’s a self-care kind of weekend over here, and nothing could make us happier than being generous towards others, and taking in all the sunshine we can (with sunblock on of course!). Have a great one!

P.S. HBO and these Queens are joining forces! #YQY

P.P.S. When you fall down, you just gotta pick yourself back up again. #pandadvice

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