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1. President Obama commuted the sentences of Chelsea Manning and Oscar López Rivera!!!

2. Protesters held an LGBTQ dance party outside of Mike Pence’s new DC home. (Check out the videos!)

3. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman introduced a bill—and the NY Assembly passed it—to keep birth control free for all New Yorkers, regardless of whether the Republicans dismantle the ACA. Next up: a vote in the NY State Senate.

4. New York isn’t alone—California also has a plan to expand progressive policies on climate change, immigration, health care, marijuana, and gun safety, and they’ve even retained Eric Holder as a legal advisor.

5. A new group called 314 Action is drafting scientists to run for political office. (They’re named after the first three digits of pi!)

6. The US Press Corps wrote an open letter to Trump, outlining how they plan to hold his administration accountable: “When you or your surrogates say or tweet something that is demonstrably wrong, we will say so, repeatedly.”
And to Josh Earnest – you’re no C.J. Cregg, but you’re still pretty great. Obama thinks so too.

7. A Republican Congressman in Colorado was overwhelmed by Obamacare supporters at a town hall and had to leave via police escort. Corey Robin (who contributed to this Trump resister’s guide) noted that “one of the reasons the story is so important is that it shows people mobilizing against the GOP in their own districts. That in itself, regardless of whether they win, matters more than we realize.”)

8. You can now replace pictures of Donald Trump with images of cute kittens, thanks to a Chrome extension, and a mall in Istanbul has welcomed stray dogs to sleep inside during cold weather:


We’re going to start recommending poetry, films, or other works of art that inspire us. This week, we urge you to listen to Lucille Clifton read “won’t you celebrate with me” – and we welcome your suggestions for future issues!


And a little something before we go…

Sending extra love and light on Inauguration Day,
Alison & Stephanie
and the Barefoot Contessa

P.S. – Send us your photos from tomorrow’s march, and we’ll include them in next week’s roundup!

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