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Thank you for sending us your own small victories after last Friday’s issue! Hearing from you means the world to us. As these videos of us hard at work prove, we love putting this together for you each week:

Small Victories Issue 12Small Victories Issue 12

Please keep sending your victories—and we promise to keep the gifs coming.

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1. The Supreme Court unanimously overturned Supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s 2008 decision by ruling to protect the rights of children with disabilities.

2. All across the country, Indivisible groups and other concerned citizens continue to protest and call (and sometimes boo) their elected officials. We especially love these women who showed up at the Texas Senate dressed as Handmaid’s Tale characters to protest anti-abortion bills.

 Even the rain and snow won’t stop us.

3. Joe Biden rallied with Democrats on the Capitol steps to protect ACA. Also, Biden the man met Biden the pup.💕

4. This week, ING became the first bank to sell its stake in the Dakota Access Pipeline! Plus, San Francisco, Alburquerque, Raleigh, and other cities are following in Seattle’s footsteps and joining the fight to divest. This couldn’t have happened without the water protectors and #DeFundDAPL campaign organizers.

If you’re inspired, check out this website to learn how to divest your own money or pressure your city to divest, too 💰 💪

5. Nevada voted to become the first state in 35 years to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Check out the indomitable Shirley Chisholm’s 1969 speech explaining why the ERA is so important.

Small Victories Issue 12

6. Maryland’s Republican governor announced his support for a fracking ban currently on its way to the State Senate, saying it’s “an important initiative to safeguard our environment.” (Thanks, Suzanne, for submitting this!) Another victory in combating climate change? Less beef. These days, it’s not what’s for dinner.

7. The Iron Workers are the first building trade union to announce paid maternity leave for their members, and real-life Rosie the Riveters are getting a national day of recognition. As honoree Marian Sousa, 91, rightly pointed out:

“It’s about time.”

8. Representative Beth Fukumoto from Hawaii has resigned from the Republican Party and is seeking membership with the Democratic Party, citing racism and sexism as the core reasons why she’s leaving the GOP. Aloha and Aloha.

9. New York City announced it will block ICE agents from entering school buildings, and the blizzard offered a perfect canvas for resistance:

10. The Detroit Institute of the Arts is no longer under threat—and its existence will actually save public workers’ pensions and help the city exit bankruptcy.

11. Good news from around the globe:

👉  Pope Francis asked for forgiveness for the Catholic church’s role in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

👉  Prominent church groups, doctors, lawyers and ethicists have generated a groundswell of support to overturn El Salvador’s controversial anti-abortion law.

👉  Germany will annul convictions of men jailed for being gay, and pay restitution to those still alive.

👉  Carbon emissions around the world were flat for the third year in a row. And in the US and China, they actually fell.

12. The media continues to do its job: Mainstream and conservative news outlets, including Fox News, are taking action and running stories questioning Trump’s credibility.

Also, Facebook is now making it harder for people to spread false information on social media.

Small Victories Issue 12 #smarterisbetterpeople

We’ll leave you this week with Marge Piercy’s poem The Low Roadperformed here by the amazing Staceyann Chin💯  🙌

Alison & Stephanie

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