Small Victories Issue 11

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When we read about Trump’s brutal budget proposal—which cuts funding from vital programs and services or eliminates them altogether—we were feeling a bit like this:

Small Victories Issue 11
But then we went back to the archives and watched Fred Rogers defend public broadcasting before the Senate in 1969. We read Rebecca Solnit’s beautiful essay on the importance of hope coupled with action. And we asked a seasoned women’s rights advocate how she sustained momentum over the years.

Her answer? “There is no alternative.”

✊ Onward.

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1. Travel ban 2.0 has been blocked by Hawaii and Maryland, preventing the new order from going into effect Wednesday night.

2. ICE released DREAMer Daniela Vargas from detention, thanks to legal support from civil and immigrants’ rights groups.

3. A young adult novel inspired by Black Lives Matter soared to #1 on the New York Times best-seller list, and Get Out director Jordan Peele became the first black writer-director to have a feature debut earn more than $100 million.

Small Victories Issue 11

4. A federal court ruled that Texas gerrymandering is unconstitutional, and that the state engaged in intentional discrimination when drawing their districts. (This is kind of a “a huge deal for democracy.”)

5. After Scott Pruitt questioned the human impact on climate change, so many people called his office in response that the EPA had to create an impromptu call center.#itsgettinghotinhere Meanwhile over in Paris, Mayor Anne Hidalgo said, “To be a skeptic today is to deny reality. It’s good sense today to recognize the importance of climate change.” 🙌🏻

6. With a record 82% turnout, Netherland voters rejected Islamophobia and xenophobia by defeating far-right politician Geert Wilders and choosing incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte instead.

Small Victories Issue 11
There continues to be an overwhelming amount of pushback against Trumpcare.  A ton of Republicans across the country (seriously, so many) are voicing their concerns. 
This is HUGE!

👊 Your phone calls and town halls are working!

👉  Not to mention that stakeouts are happening right now across the country to save the ACA.

💪  Plus 94% of Congressional aides say that constituents’ visits to an undecided Representative’s office can sway their vote.

8. Arizona’s Supreme Court upheld the voter-approved law to increase the minimum wage.

9. Gay veterans are no longer banned from marching in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, thanks to outcry from the public, corporate sponsors, and city officials.

10. Remember the Polish politician who ranted against equal pay for women earlier this month? Nearly one million people signed a petition calling on the European Parliament to suspend him—and it worked.

Plus, a woman sought answers from Sean Spicer when she ran into him in an Apple Store. As Roxane Gay once wrote

“We are afforded the freedom of speech but there is no freedom from the consequences of what we say.”

11. Last weekend, the ACLU launched their grassroots volunteer initiative, People Power, with more than 2,000 events and 200,000 people tuning in to their livestream.

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We’re taking a cue from this guy.

P.S. Thanks to our reader Jessica for letting us know that her local school district just voted to become a sanctuary district! We want to hear from you, too:

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