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1. Gov. Cuomo (alongside Bernie Sanders) called for free tuition at NY state colleges for families making $125,000 or less.

2. A North Carolina judge blocked the attempt to strip the new governor of his power.

3. The House GOP dropped their bid to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. The press reports that people are using resources like the Indivisible Guide to pressure their elected officials—and it’s working. Hurrah!

4. An Atlanta mayoral candidate is running on a platform that includes decriminalizing marijuana, offering free public education, and meals for K-12 students.

5. On January 15, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi are partnering with Democratic members of Congress, trade unions, senior citizen groups, and health care activists to organize rallies across the country in support of protecting health care.

6. Back in December, Elizabeth Warren introduced a conflicts of interest bill that has the potential to impeach Trump if he doesn’t divest and put his assets into a blind trust—and this week it’s starting to get the attention it deserves. AND just this morning she announced she’s running for reelection in 2018.


And for no other reason than to keep us all smiling and laughing, please enjoy this.

Alison & Stephanie

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