Sakena Yacoobi Awarded Sunhak Peace Prize

Sakena Yacoobi Awarded Sunhak Peace Prize

By: Codey Young, Communications Intern

Peace is Loud speaker Sakena Yacoobi is the co-founder of Creating Hope International, an organization working to empower grassroots community development through support for quality organizations that provide education, health, social, and economic programming. Dr. Yacoobi is also the President and Executive Director of the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL), a grassroots organization working to rebuild health and education systems in Afghanistan using a holistic approach. 

This past November, Peace is Loud speaker and Afghan Institute of Learning President Sakena Yacoobi was awarded the 2nd annual Sunhak Peace Prize, a prestigious international award, for “presenting the fundamental solution of refugee resettlement through education.” Dr. Yacoobi has educated more than 3,000 girls in over 80 underground “secret” schools, and continues to advocate for systemic educational reform in her home country of Afghanistan. Along with Italian surgeon Dr. Gino Strada, Dr. Yacoobi was selected for the prize out of 225 other nominees in 76 countries.

The Sunhak Peace Prize was founded in 2013 by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the wife of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Each year, the Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation grants a $1 million award to individuals or organizations that have contributed to world peace. The Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation “pursues the creation of peace for future-generations of the global community, was established in order to heal the various suffering, and destruction that exist around the world, and build an all-encompassing future-oriented vision of peace.”

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