Hosting a Speaker

Please visit Host a Speaker and provide us with your event information, including your requested speaker. To view our roster of speakers, please visit this page and search by name or topic category. We will contact you to discuss the request within 8-10 days of submission.

How do I know if a speaker is available?

Once you submit your speaker request, we will respond to you with details regarding the requested speaker’s availability. If the requested date does not work for the speaker’s schedule we will do our best to suggest an alternate date or to propose an alternate speaker. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

How far in advance do requests have to be submitted?

Our speakers’ schedules fill up quickly and many of our speakers travel internationally for U.S. engagements. We recommend you submit your request to us three to six months prior to the scheduled event. Please note that some requesting organizations plan one to two years in advance of their event.

Does my event need to be free and open to the public?

No, it does not.

Choosing the Right Speaker

How do I determine which speaker will be best for my event?

We encourage you to visit our Speakers Bureau page to view our roster of speakers and their bios. You can search by “name” or “topic category.” We are also happy to identify an alternate speaker who could be a good fit for your event. Please visit our Host a Speaker page and provide us with information about your event.

What sizes of events do your speakers attend?

Speaking engagements range from major conferences and conventions to small workshops and in-house events.

Can we propose specific topics for the speaker to cover in her talk?

Visit our Speakers page to view our roster of speakers and the topics they specialize in. If you do not see a topic listed and would like to propose a topic for our speakers bureau to present, please visit our Host a Speaker page and note your suggested topic.

Can I see a video clip of a speaker?

Video clips are available on each speaker’s page.

Covering the Costs

Do I need to pay a speaking fee?

Fees vary greatly depending on the size of the inviting organization, the target audience, the entity and the purpose of the visit. Honorariums range depending on the speaker and event. We do our best to accommodate all budgets.

Do I need to pay for travel and accomodations?

Yes, travel and accommodations must be covered by the hosting organization. Once you submit a request, we will discuss the speaker’s travel needs. Please note that in some cases travel will include international airfare.

I’m a student at a university and don’t know where to find funds to bring this speaker to my campus. Help!

We do our best to accommodate every budget. Many of our speakers welcome the opportunity to speak on college and university campuses. Once a request is submitted, you can discuss the parameters of monetary support with us. Academic departments, recognized student organizations and your student activities department can make excellent event partners.

Coordinating Logistics

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. We will generate a contract once the speaker accepts the engagement and the event details are finalized. You’ll have the opportunity to review the contract and ask any questions. Event publicity can begin once the contract is signed by both parties.

Will the speaker participate in activities outside of their featured speech, i.e. media interviews, book signing or workshops?

This depends on the speaker and her schedule and is handled on a case-by-case basis. Once a hosting organization submits a request, we will ask for any additional requested activities if there are none noted on the request form.

Who will create the itinerary for the speaker? Do I have to book travel and accommodations?

We’ll work with you to create an itinerary for the speaker. We ask that you be responsible for covering travel and accommodation costs. These arrangements may be booked through the hosting organization or through us. We will confirm travel and itinerary with the speaker one month prior to the event.