Over the past two years, we have been on a journey to revisit our mission and vision to better express our work, values, and beliefs. Developed with staff, board, and stakeholder input, these serve as our guideposts to honor our commitments and hold ourselves accountable to the communities we serve. 

Achieving meaningful impact requires us to think differently, see differently, and work differently. We’re excited to finally share this with you, and invite you to join us on this path.

Scroll down to watch a short video about our work and read our full mission and vision statements.


Peace is Loud collaborates with women-identified and gender expansive changemakers to advance transformative peace and social justice through storytelling.


To us, peace doesn’t mean “Mission Accomplished.” It’s not a state of tranquility achieved through the absence of violence. It’s “Let’s Get to Work!” Because when has change ever come from being quiet and idle? Storytelling plays an influential role in how power is created, accessed, and utilized. Long-term transformation requires building power at multiple levels, and within the ecosystem of global and local movement-based work. We leverage the power of storytelling to create a future where all people live in a just safe world with equity and dignity.

We realize that while statements can be powerful — they can be meaningless when they are not backed up by actions. That’s why we are promising to listen to your ideas, feedback, and thoughts that you have on our direction. We welcome your comments and questions, send us a note at info@peaceisloud.org