Mina’s List One Year Anniversary

Mina’s List One Year Anniversary

When Craig Newmark asked us about what kind of traction we are getting for Mina’s List during an interview published in the Huffington Post, it got us thinking about what we’ve accomplished in ML’s first year– and we realized we have accomplished A LOT. 

Since its inception in June 2014, we have built an impressive Board of Directors and Advisory Board comprised of parliamentarians, academics, and civil society leaders. We have attracted support from global business partners such as UBS Investment Bank and the Global Partnerships Forum. We created a dynamic website and active social media accounts (our Facebook page averages 300-500 new likes per month). Through online donations and high-level donors we raised enough to fund our first project in Afghanistan. And we have already had requests for Mina’s List services in several other countries across the globe. 

Most importantly, we have established strong partnerships with the Afghan Women’s Network and the Afghan Women’s Educational Center to implement our Afghan Pilot Project, which will prepare 15 aspiring women political leaders for the next parliamentary elections in Afghanistan. The initial Listening Session took place in early June and was incredibly successful. 

The following are some of the other major Mina’s List first year successes: 

     –Mina’s List hosted its official launch in Cambridge, MA

     –Filmmaker Abigail Disney hosted an ML launch party in her NYC home 

     –Mina’s List launched its full website on International Women’s Day

     –Global Partnerships Forum posted about ML on its website and Facebook

     –ML’s founder participated in the WILPF Centennial at the Hague 

     –ML’s founder was invited to speak at MIT, Bentley, Clark & Tufts University

     –ML’s founder spoke about Mina’s List as MXCC commencement speaker

     –Mina’s List presented its Afghan Pilot Project on a WDN educational call

     –Mina’s List finished in the top 25 of 90 for the Women’s Startup Challenge

     –UBS included a news item about Mina’s List in their newsletter

     –Mina’s List was featured in Soka Gakkai International Magazine

     –Craig Newmark published an interview with ML in The Huffington Post 

It really has been a great first year. Mina’s List has experienced an extraordinary response from stakeholders and the general public. We couldn’t have done it without you… so thanks!! 

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