Madeleine Rees on Her Battle to #EndVAW

By: Devin Cowick, Executive Assistant, Mina’s List 

Madeleine Rees

Mina’s List Advisory Board Member Madeleine Rees has long been a powerful agent of change in the battle to end violence against women. As a UN official in Bosnia, she helped uncover the connection between UN peacekeepers and sex trafficking in the country. In collaboration with William Hague and Angelina Jolie-Pitt, Rees helped launch the high-profile End Sexual Violence in Conflict conference to raise awareness and garner support around the issue. 

Madeleine Rees, who is currently Secretary-General of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), explains that sexual violence is so prevalent in situations of conflict because it is such an effective tool of oppression. Rees states that “rape works because of patriarchy and the objectification of women.” But Madeleine has hope that these attitudes and structures can change. 

What better way to change attitudes about women and break up patriarchal structures than to get more empowered women in political leadership positions? That’s why Mina’s List is committed to achieving women’s equal and substantive representation in national governments worldwide.   

Read more about Madeleine Rees’ compelling work in The Independent

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