Kori Cioca on How Photography Helps her Heal from Trauma

Kori Cioca on How Photography Helps her Heal from Trauma

Peace is Loud speaker Kori Cioca was profiled by Laura Ling for the Discovery Digital Network’s Seeker Network Ritual series, which “examines the psyche and habits of some of the greatest achievers of our time to find out how they survive, thrive and gain focus.” For Kori, healing from the trauma of the sexual assault she experienced in the U.S. Coast Guard, and the ways in which the assault was brushed off by Coast Guard officials, has been a long, arduous and ongoing journey.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can live in the body and mind indefinitely after trauma, but there are tools that can help survivors center themselves in the present, and see a path forward. Once Kori discovered photography, she quickly realized how taking pictures had the power to pull her out of her sadness and focus on what matters– namely, her loving husband and children. “Now, if I’m triggered by something or I have nightmares, I grab my camera and I focus on what’s important through that lens,” Kori tells Laura.

“Abandoned places are probably my most favorite. There’s something so beautiful about it. It really relates to someone with PTSD… PTSD is an invisible disorder. If you were to take a veteran with PTSD and turn them inside out, they would be just like that abandoned building.”

Read the full profile here, and watch the video.

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