Introducing the Small Victories Newsletter

By: Alison & Stephanie

Here at Peace is Loud, we promote and support the work of women peacebuilders around the world.

We believe the Trump administration poses a grave threat to future prospects for peace. It is well documented that women are disproportionately affected by war, conflict, and civil unrest, so as an organization that supports women’s empowerment, it is incumbent upon us to confront these unique circumstances we find ourselves in as a country.

Our founder, Abigail Disney, named us Peace is Loud because she believes “peace is a march on Washington, a sit-in at the Governor’s office, a meeting to work out our differences… Peace is confronting an aggressor, standing up against a bully, and resisting the status quo.”

In this spirit, we’re excited to announce the launch of Small Victories, your weekly dose of positivity. Every Friday, we’ll be celebrating stories of peace, equality, and justice in the United States and around the world. These stories are just as real and vital as the stories of despair that dominate the headlines and our newsfeeds.

By highlighting examples of heroism and courage, we hope to inspire action that creates possibilities for sustained peace. We also hope to up your GIF game while we’re at it.

For a look at our most recent issue, click here.

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