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Her Lens: A Short Doc Series

For Women’s History Month 2021, Peace is Loud partnered with New Women Space for Her Lens: A Short Doc Series. This virtual watch party series highlighted the short documentaries of three visionary women+ filmmakers, envisioned a better world, and created a roadmap to achieving it by placing their stories in conversation with grassroots activists.

Past Events

Negra Soy Watch Party

Sunday, March 14, 2021, 6-7pm ET

Negra Soy centers on three women and a girl who, through their stories, symbolize the yearnings to get ahead in the Garífuna community of Punta Gorda, the first Garífuna community in the history of Honduras.

Followed by a talkback with director Laura Bermúdez and writer Mercy Tullis-Bukhari.

Lupita Watch Party

Sunday, March 21, 2021, 6-7pm ET

Lupita, a Tsotsil Maya woman​ ​at the forefront of a Mexican indigenous movement. Twenty years after Lupita lost her family in the Acteal massacre in southern Mexico, she has become a spokesperson for her people​ and for a new generation of Mayan activists.

Followed by a talkback with director Monica Wise Robles.

See You Next Time Watch Party

Sunday, March 28, 2021, 6-7pm ET

See You Next Time reaches across the nail salon table to capture the intimate moments shared between a Chinese nail artist and her Black client in Brooklyn, NY.

Followed by a talkback with director Crystal Kayiza.



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