We have a mind for advocacy and a deep understanding of documentary film. Let’s create a more just world by combining the power of documentary storytelling and the power of organizing. Together we’ll inspire audiences and fuel social justice movements.

Current Film Impact Campaigns

To the End

The antidote to hopelessness will always be action. See how we’re supporting the grassroots organizations at the barricades of the climate crisis!

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How We Do It

Build a Base

Moving the needle takes the backing of many. We use multi-channel tactics to grow (and keep engaged) audiences who will become ambassadors for documentary films and invest in the movements connected to them.

Fuel the Grassroots

We bring docs to communities that want to organize around issues that matter to them. We create and share resources, turning films into social action tools.

Strengthen Capacity

To create change, we need to strengthen the capacity of organizers on the frontlines of social justice movements. We collaborate with organizers to design story-based strategies and help provide the infrastructure necessary to make the work happen.

Want to Work With Us?

Are you a filmmaker or distributor who wants us to help you incorporate impact into your work? Reach out!