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Sakena Yacoobi Awarded Sunhak Peace Prize

This past November, Peace is Loud speaker and Afghan Institute of Learning President Sakena Yacoobi was awarded the 2nd annual Sunhak Peace Prize, a prestigious international award, for “presenting the fundamental solution of refugee resettlement through education.”

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Rebuilding Afghanistan From Within: A Community-Based Approach to Education

When I left my home country of Afghanistan to pursue a college degree in the United States, I was the first one in my family to do so. Education transformed my life, and I knew that it had the power to do the same for the people in Afghanistan who didn’t have the same opportunities I did.

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Sakena Yacoobi’s TED Talk on the Power of Education

In the video below, speaker Sakena Yacoobi of Creating Hope International and the Afghan Institute of Learning tells her story of perseverance and dedication for TED Women 2015.

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Sakena Yacoobi Announces the Launch of Radio Meraj in Afghanistan

On Sunday, May 17, Radio Meraj 94.1 FM in Herat, Afghanistan officially began broadcasting.

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