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We Need a War on Military Sexual Harassment

military sexual harassment

President Trump should make time to publicly confront the Marines Corps nude photo scandal, says a survivor of military sexual assault.

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Military Sexual Assault Survivors Need Pro Bono Counsel

Serving in the U.S. Coast Guard was my dream job. I loved the idea of serving my country, and being a part of a unit that had my back. When I was raped by my supervisor, I quickly realized that the military was not on my side, and that their idea of justice wasn’t either.

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Kori Cioca on How Photography Helps her Heal from Trauma

Peace is Loud speaker Kori Cioca was profiled by Laura Ling for the Discovery Digital Network’s Seeker Network Ritual series, which “examines the psyche and habits of some of the greatest achievers of our time to find out how they survive, thrive and gain focus.”

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