Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War

At Peace at Loud, we believe that if we want a more peaceful world, we must make sure that the fundamental rights and security of women are recognized and protected in war. But that’s not often the…

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International Peace Day

International Peace Day North Korea. Syria. Yemen. Afghanistan. #MeToo. Poverty. Inequality. Every day, our social media feeds reel with devastating dispatches of destruction and disempowerment from…

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Small Victories Issue 78

Originally posted on the Small Victories website We came across this quote in an interview with the writer Alexander Chee this week and had to share: “The powerlessness that we feel when we read…

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Small Victories Issue 52

Originally posted on the Small Victories website Guys! We made it to the end of the year. Holy moly, what a year it has been. Before we go off and do some serious celebrating (aka naps for days),…

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Small Victories Issue 46

Originally posted on the new Small Victories website The legendary journalist Gwen Ifill once said: We’re thinking of Gwen after reading this piece about the astonishing number of new grassroots…

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Small Victories Issue 45

Originally posted on the new Small Victories website After the results of Tuesday’s election, we felt a little something like this:  And we were also thrilled to see protesters disrupt Ralph…

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Small Victories Issue 40

If you feel full of outrage and despair about the onslaught of terrible news this week, you’re not alone. But when we see the long lines of people donating blood in Las Vegas, or the work of…

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Small Victories Issue 29

Since the 2016 election, we’ve been excited to see a spike in the number of women interested in running for office, but it wasn’t until this week’s episode of Call Your Girlfriend that we heard…

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Small Victories Issue 23

We’ve said it before, and we’re saying it again—you guys are incredible. Your emails and messages keep us going and inspire us make this newsletter the best it can be. So! We’ve created a super…

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Small Victories Issue 13

Let’s begin this week with Maxine Waters. And April Ryan. And all the other #blackwomenatwork who are standing up and speaking out about how women of color are treated in the workplace. And on top…

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