How Stories Build Collective Power

Our Work Influences
Social Change

Peace is Loud’s track record of impact in our community has led to wide ranging social change.

A significant portion of our work is connecting grassroots organizers with storytelling through documentary films that further their work towards liberation. Another aspect of our work providing support to speakers in our Speakers Bureau to raise the influence of their organizations and movements.

Over a Decade
of Impact

Our work with storytellers of marginalized gender identities has led to legislation in support of gender equality in the U.S. We’ve organized thousands of film screenings across 86 countries on all 7 continents. The screenings support and inspire community organizing efforts.

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An increase in women running for local office in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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New pro-bono lawyers representing Title IX cases on U.S. college campuses

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The removal of a harmful birth control device from the commercial market

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$3 million in income for the women, trans and non-binary storytellers we represent

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Documentaries as Tools to Drive Change

Our film impact work leverages documentaries as tools to strengthen the work of our partners. Our film impact work centers marginalized identities. We are building a shareable model that outlines how to apply an ethics of care to funding and partnership work accelerates progress towards equity goals.

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Our Impact Goals

Your support helps advance equity by formalizing an Equity, Safety, Representation framework, a set of tangible resources to prioritize health and well-being in documentary film work. We hope to disseminate this framework and supporting resources widely by empowering 1,000 filmmakers by 2025.

In Her Words

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Get to know Illona Duverge, Movement School

“The PiL partnership helped push along the Green New Deal for Public Housing work in many ways. I think we have a lot more momentum and that’s because of the capacity support PiL provided us with… We were able to train folks throughout a pandemic successfully when other orgs were struggling to adapt to the digital space…I loved that the partnership was way more than just transactional. I felt supported emotionally, I felt like I had thought-partners, and overall got to spend time with amazing women trying to change the world.”

– Ilona Duverge, Co-founder, The Movement School

Read Our Impact Reports

Peace is Loud film impact work includes a three-phased approach which include community screenings, in-depth partnerships initiatives, resource creation, virtual events, and capacity-building. In doing so, our campaign successfully mobilizes grassroots organizers and supports the advancement of issues that matter.