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Last week, in the agonizing hours leading up to the healthcare vote, we read something that stuck with us. Mariame Kaba, an abolitionist, organizer, and writer we admire (and we’re not alone), tweeted messages of hope and support to everyone involved in the fight to protect and expand our care. In particular, this one resonated deeply:

We know there will be setbacks in the years ahead—not to mention the despicable actions happening right now—but we’re making her message our mantra as we continue the fight. ✊

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1. The momentum on healthcare continues: People rallied at 170 Our Lives on the Line protests in 43 states:

KentuckyTennesseeCaliforniaArizonaNorth Carolina

Plus, Susan Collins explained that public pressure changed her vote, and the Medicare for All movement continues to gather steam.

2. The ACLU committed at least $5 million to support voting rights for Floridians convicted of felonies. If you live in Florida, they need your help! You can collect signatures or register for an organizing call. #restorethevote

3. After constituents challenged her at a town hall, Kirsten Gillibrand withdrew her support for a bill that would make it a felony to support a boycott of Israel.

4. Joe Arpaio, the sadistic former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, was convicted of contempt of court for discriminating against Latino drivers.

5. An undocumented immigrant in Connecticut was granted a stay of deportation thanks to overwhelming community support, including a crowd of hundreds outside her hearing, a New Haven church that provided her sanctuary, the Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic at Yale Law School, and local immigrant-rights and Indivisible groups. (Thanks, Julia!) Unidad Latina En Acción organizer John Lugo told the crowd,

“Without organizing, we cannot fight back. So let’s remember, if we fight, we win.”

6. The head of the Coast Guard is publicly standing up for their transgender officers.

7. Protesters rallied outside Chase headquarters and other banks around the country to call out their financing of for-profit immigrant detention centers.

8. Senator Jeanne Shaheen saved an Ambassador post for Global Women’s Issues—an important position that advocates for the rights of women and girls around the world.

9. California passed a new air quality law—an imperfect law that doesn’t go far enough, but an important law nonetheless. (Thanks, Jess!)

10. Jordan voted to repeal a law that allowed rapists to avoid punishment if they married their victims.

11. A court ruled that if Trump tries to sabotage the insurance market, state attorneys general will be allowed to defend Obamacare payments.

12. The Seattle City Council passed a bill to rein in surveillance.

13. Tesla employees attempting to unionize delivered a list of demands to the company’s board.

We’re taking a cue from one of our favorites, Maxine Waters, and reclaiming our time (cue the remix) with a Girls Trip to the beaches of Dunkirk, and looking forward to checking this out soon. #NoConfederate

P.S. With some added protection in the works, we hope this leads to a very big small victory sooner than later.

P.P.S. You can’t sue people for being mean to you, Bob.

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